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Achieve Sexy Six-Packs In No Time With Ab Machines

It is no surprise to know that our abdominal muscles, popularly called abs or the six-packs, would get the interest of many bodybuilders anywhere in the world. Besides being a sure reason to become a head-turner, developing strong and contoured abdominal muscles is also very functional. The abs protect the internal organs in your core, provide stability, and offer support for your respiration.  While doing sit-ups target the same set of muscles, it may not be enough to trigger the right contractions and tension like what ab machines can carry out. Performing your workout using the ab machine can target other muscles, including the hips, pelvis, and spine, to boost strength and help maintain good posture. Also, doing ab workouts are effective in reducing fat content and losing extra weight. The set of exercises you can perform using your ab machine will not only tone your core muscles but also lower your risk of developing heart diseases and obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference between doing your Ab Workout with or without a Gym Machine?

Doing sit-ups is the classic and most organic way to exercise without the need for a machine to target the abs. However, doing so often presents risks of having neck and lower back problems. These problems may lead to injury that may hinder you from doing any high-intensity training in the future. With ab machines, you do not only prevent these casualties from happening,  but it can also improve your joints and align your spinal column. By targeting the same muscles and minimising the risk of injuries, the ab machine puts you into an advantageous position when doing crunches. Get your first ab machine from Home Fitness Equipment now.

How does an Ab Machine Work?

The ab machine works by giving more definition and strength to your abs or the abdominal muscles through a series of exercises called a crunch. Although other types of gym equipment can still target your abs, like the pro roller, crunch bench, and ab wheels, nothing is comparable to the high and perfect results of the ab crunch machine. With a single ab machine, you can get the effects of numerous ab-targeting devices. Doing the correct set of crunch exercises in an ab machine can activate and tone your muscles in the midsection as easy as the ab stimulator belt. The secret to an intense ab workout training is to engage your muscles harmoniously, which is achievable in the ab crunch machine. In comparison to regular crunches, the ab machine synchronises the hand movement and stability of the feet with every crunch.

What are the Different Types of Ab Machines?

Depending on your standard of comfortable ab workout training, there are two types of ab machines you can choose from:

  • Seated Ab Machine. This type of ab machine is the most common type of gym equipment. You can target your abs while sitting with this type. Some variations have padded and elevated footrest to support stability while doing the exercise. 
  • Supine Ab Machine. Least common of the two, the supine or lying ab machine have padded headrests to provide support on the neck. The handles are often on the side or the front of your torso. 

Both types support different levels of training intensity with the multiple resistance levels available. The only difference between the two ab machines is the position. You can only make one machine better than the other by knowing the comfortable choice for you.

What are the Benefits of using the Ab Machine?

The abdominal muscles are among the many muscle gym goers target. Although doing sit-ups and core workouts at home can target the same group of muscles, it might not have the same quality results. Besides, ab machines offer more than just well-toned abs. Here are some of what you can get from an ab machine:

  • Full range of motion. With the help of the ab machine, you can easily maintain and support a good form while doing crunches. Compared to sit-ups, doing forceful contractions with the ab machine targets the full capacity of the abdominal muscles. Thus, maximising each muscle contraction and relaxation during crunches, which would provide you with a toned set of abs for a long time compared to the short-term effects of doing sit-ups.
  • Targeted muscles. Ab machines have different resistance levels to provide a more challenging core workout. Most ab machines, even for a home gym, are smartly designed to be able to adapt to the different intensities of a core workout. Doing an ab workout routine using an ab machine generates the right tension for the abdominal muscles to increase size and firmness. Perhaps one of the disadvantages of doing regular sit-ups is its inefficiency in targeting the right muscles. 
  • Convenient core workout. In comparison to the regular ab workout exercise like the sit-ups, ab machines have a foam padding and a drafted area for proper body positioning. With an ab machine, you can have the full effect of your ab workout without the neck and back pain regularly seen in a core workout that involves sit-ups. Since the ab machine does not affect additional muscles other than the targeted abdominal muscles, it prevents extra pain and muscle after an ab workout.
  • User-friendly. Whether you are still in the starting phase of your ab workout, an ab machine can be your total best friend for developing your abs. You might find difficulty keeping your toes down or shifting the weight from your neck and your lower back with sit-ups. But with an ab machine, crunches are easy to perform and even more comfortable to level up with multiple resistance levels to complement the intensity of your ab workout.
  • Faster results. If you want to speed up the work of having those stone-hard abs, then the ab machine is for you. The different resistance levels available on the ab machines provide more intensity and tension when doing the crunches. Compared to the regular sit-ups, you cannot speed up nor add load to the routine since you have to be mindful of your posture to avoid straining your neck and lower back. 


With the right ab machine, toning and bulking up of your abdominal muscles are not as tedious as the sit-ups. Champion your ab workout by getting yourself the best ab machine from Home Fitness Equipment.

How to Choose an Ab Machine for Ab Workout Exercise?

Ab machines come with a price tag, so you should be extra decisive in choosing cost-effective and high-grade ab machines. Here are some factors you should consider in choosing an ab machine:

  • Size. Whether you are setting up for a home gym or gearing for a commercial training centre, an ab machine is a must-have piece of equipment for routine exercises to increase the strength and endurance of your abs. Consider the space when selecting an ab machine for your area. Make sure that there is enough room for the ab machine and other equipment.
  • Functionality. Aim for durability and long-lasting use of the ab machines. Choose a provider that is trustworthy and reliable in supplying gym equipment. Get an ab machine that meets your goals. Ab machines have multiple resistance levels to choose from during crunch exercises. Find the best ab machine that serves both its purpose and its owner for a long time. 
  • Comfort and style. Choose an ab machine that goes along your fitness and ab workout goals. Aim for comfortable exercises and ease of use when using the ab machine.
  • Cost. With its high efficacy and promising results on your abs, an ab machine often comes with a hefty price. Aim for a more significant return of investment on the equipment by choosing a trustworthy provider from the start. Save money from breakable and temporary ab machines by getting more details from the seller before buying a machine.


Home Fitness Equipment can provide you with cost-effective ab machines in various sizes with long-lasting functionality that reflects your abs and fitness goals. With Home Fitness Equipment, the best ab machine will be in your hands, and sit-ups would be a thing of the past.