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Step Up Your Cardio Workout with the Aerobic Step

Pick up the tempo and raise your momentum with the help of the best Aerobic step only available from Australia’s number one provider of home gym equipment and accessories, Home Fitness Equipment.

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Enhance your regular step aerobics and turn it into something more exceptional by shopping for the sufficient aerobic step available online.

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There are many forms of exercises that suit different fitness levels. Some individuals prefer light activities over rigorous strength and conditioning drills. Many fitness equipment can help with one’s overall health development for these training sessions. However, it all depends on the goals that an individual wants to achieve. If you’re aiming to be a professional powerlifter or to be a professional bodybuilder, then the best fitness equipment for you is probably the multi-station home gym. On the contrary, if you prefer to do cardio workout to enhance your heart health and strengthen your core muscles, then the Aerobic step might be the right fitness equipment that you need for your home gym.

Step aerobics are very popular in the world of fitness, especially to those who prefer a low impact with high rewards exercise methods. An aerobic step is the most commonly used fitness equipment that compliments cardio workout perfectly with its exercise drills. The versatility of the aerobic step proved to be beneficial in terms of adding variance to an ordinary physical activity. It may look like a simple platform that you can only step on at first glance; however, it is capable of providing vital health benefits regardless of the fitness level of the user. It comes in many forms and sizes that includes many features like height adjustment, different textures for grip and stability, and also ample space to step on without incurring injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Aerobic Step?

An aerobic step is a piece of exercise equipment that is made of high-quality materials that can sometimes be wood, plastic, or rubber. The stepping surface is usually textured for stability, and they differ from shape, and size, depending on the brand. Some have a height adjustment feature, and others can be stacked on top of each other to increase the height. An aerobic step is considered as cardio workout equipment because of the exercises that you can perform with it.

What are the Benefits of Step Aerobics using an Aerobic Step?

Improves heart health. By nature, step aerobics is a cardio workout. Several types of research say that an hour of step aerobics session is equal to a seven-mile run. Not just a regular jogging, but running at full speed. This method is ideal for your heart health because it works harder to provide the blood and oxygen that your muscles need to endure the challenge. There’s no need for outdoor jogging to achieve this benefit. A simple aerobic step can provide you with the same results.

Improves musculoskeletal health. Regular step aerobics enhances your bone density which is beneficial to your overall stability, balance, and posture. Aside from being a cardio workout, it is also accepted as a weight-bearing exercise. The height adjustment is a feature that plays a significant role in these types of exercise techniques. Healthier bones help you to perform better and also reduces the risks of accidents. It’s perfect for women who are prone to develop osteoporosis.

What should I look for in an Aerobic Step?

  • Polyurethane is the superior material to look for; however, wood or high-quality rubber works as well.
  • Choose an aerobic step that is well-balanced. It should be stable at all times to avoid injury.
  • The weight-bearing capacity should be able to accommodate your current weight. This is for safety.
  • The surface should be broad and has non-slip material.
  • Portability is another critical factor. Choose a size that can be easily stored after use.


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