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Champion Resistance And Endurance Training With Ankle Weights!

Do you want to achieve those abs or tone your legs but do not have enough time to go to the gym? Or Are you sick of the reps needed to reap the effects of an exercise? And How long has it been since you promised to reduce your calorie intake? You better get yourself a pair of ankle weights before it would sell out in the market. With the versatility and its benefits on the heart and the lungs, everyone will need a pair of ankle weights. Ankle weights are comfortable to wear even under your slacks or work pants. Unlike other weighted exercise routines using heavy equipment, ankle weights do not bulk your calves and legs. Instead, it just gives the perfect kind of tone of firmness you want.

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Test your limit on doing exercises with the added resistance from ankle weights. Ankle weights are the perfect addition to your home gym. You can pack a pair of ankle weights without a hitch if you want to workout outside. Other weighted gym pieces of equipment are not as convenient and travel-friendly. Engage a variety of muscles by using ankle weights. Compared to other heavy gym equipment, ankle weights can target deep-seated muscles. Do not fall behind the demand for ankle weights by ordering online and get the products delivered in no time. Home Fitness Equipment sells a wide variety of fitness equipment and gears. Stop searching for ankle weights for sale on the internet and send us a message instead. Our well-rounded teams will get into your request immediately. Get your ankle weights from Australia through our impeccable delivery service. At Home Fitness Equipment, we take every measure to ensure our products reach you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Using Ankle Weights?

Ankle weights increase heart rate and breathing even during simple exercises, such as running and walking. The added load works as an obstacle when doing fitness activities.  Save time from doing multiple reps during resistance training by using ankle weights instead. Aside from increased resistance during routines, here are some benefits that you can get when you add ankle weights to your workout:


  • Increased fat burn. With the extra weight, it is a challenge to do your fitness routines correctly. The extra effort exerted also needs additional energy. Your body copes up with the elevated demand in energy by burning your stored fats, converting them to calories where your energy comes from. Ankle weights are an essential tool to own when you are on a weight loss journey. The extra load on ankle weights increases the pull of gravity, so even regular movements require extra effort. With the use of ankle weights, you do not have to do complicated exercises and sweat off to lose weight.
  • Boost endurance. The ability to choose the right load for your ankle weights is vital in improving endurance during a workout. You wouldn’t want the ankle weights to hinder range of motion and accuracy. Select the right weights to increase the resistance of the exercise but not to slow you down. Ankle weights improve your capacity to withstand the pressure and stress caused by your training activities. Engage in a wide range of high-intensity fitness routines with the increased resistance gained from ankle weights.
  • Improved muscle tone and definition. Workouts with ankle weights are ideal if you want to achieve optimum muscle tone and firmness. The ankle weights are efficient in tiring your muscles out to strengthen and shape them but not to bulk or increase their size. Using heavy gym equipment can quickly tire you out and limit the range of your movements. Besides, heavy gym equipment can cause serious injury if you do not know the right techniques. 
  • More defined abs. Many abs workouts involve the use of dumbbells or barbells to target the abdominal muscles. However, if you do not want to endure the heavyweights, not to mention the need for a firm grip, then ankle weights are the best option for you. Doing the usual leg workouts to target the abdominal muscles, such as the leg extension can trigger the right muscles of the lower abdomen. With ankle weights, you do not have to perform complicated routines to exercise the abs.
  • Complement swimming exercise. Swimming itself is an efficient exercise to tone the muscles and burn calories. Amplify the benefits of swimming by using gym gears like ankle weights. Whether you are a swimming athlete or not, the overall benefits of swimming on cardiovascular and joint health are helpful, especially with progressing age. Through the added weight of the ankle weights, every kick and stroke will become more challenging and difficult. The ankle weights add on your total body weight, thus creating resistance when swimming.
  • Maximise cardiovascular training. Many of the aerobic exercises are capable of improving your cardiovascular status. However, not everyone fancies the bulkier calves gained from jogging or running. Eliminate the chance of getting heart attacks and arterial disease even by doing chores while wearing ankle weights. Also, a lot of people do not have the time to do cardiovascular exercises. Ankle weights are versatile gym accessories so you can experience its heart-healthy effects even by a brisk walk around the office.
  • Versatile workout. From resistance training to cardiovascular exercises, ankle weights can level up the intensity of various routines. It is easy to incorporate into different training activities compared to other weighted gym equipment, like barbells and kettlebells. Besides, ankle weights that aren’t as heavy can also become wrist weights. Ankle weights are versatile gym accessories you can carry anywhere.

What Exercises Support the Use of Ankle Weights?

Increase the strength and endurance of the target muscles of different routines with the use of ankle weights. Although ankle weights are most effective on hip and leg exercises, there are other workouts you can use the ankle weights to:

  • Squat with leg lift
  • Weighted lunges
  • Arm circles
  • Ankle weight step-ups
  • Ankle weight knee ups
  • Superman
  • Weighted squat jumps
  • Donkey kicks
  • Birddog
  • Fire hydrant

These are a few of the fitness exercises you can practice with your ankle weights. It is essential to know when to stop and push your limits. Do not drive and strain your muscles with exercises using ankle weights to avoid injuries. Through simple routines, you can achieve stronger, steadier, and more toned knees and legs with the use of ankle weights. Contact Home Fitness equipment if you need assistance and further information on how to accomplish these workout routines using your ankle weights.

How to Effectively use Ankle Weights?

Do not risk injuries with the improper use of ankle weights. When wearing the weights, make sure that they are snug and fit to your ankles. They should not be too tight nor too loose. There is an adjustable type of ankle weights to help you tighten or loosen the wrap quickly. When using during walks or if you just want to wear it around the house, make sure that you are using the right load of weight. Consider the lighter variations to make sure that you are not putting your back, knees, and hips at risk for injuries. Avoid throwing your leg muscles off balance when working out by ensuring that the load of the ankle weights is bearable, equal, and does not hinder your movement. If you want to incorporate the ankle weights on the different intensities of your resistance training, you should start first on the load that you know you can carry and are comfortable with. From there, smoothly transition to heavier loads to prevent straining your muscles. Get advice and recommendations from a professional or your provider to best implement the effects of ankle weights. At Home Fitness Equipment, we have knowledgeable and experienced staff to assist you with your gym equipment needs. You can ask for suggestions and different product specifications to help you decide which is the best option for you.