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Get the best Vibration Platform in Australia  and Maximise the Benefits of your Home Gym

Ever seen a cool-looking platform with handles in your local gym or fitness centres that many people say works wonders to their tired muscles and complements their weight loss? You are probably looking at a vibration platform. This commercial gym equipment is among the many modern machines and accessories that were studied to make positive changes and results to improve your daily workout. Adding this to your home gym is not a bad idea, too! Let Home Fitness Equipment, the home of the best vibration platform in Australia, walk you through how this innovative machine can help you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Vibration Platform Work?

Many people are still cynical about the benefits of the vibration platform to our weight loss and muscle strength improvement. Come to think of it; if you compare the results of performing strenuous and powerful exercises with just using the best vibration machines and ‘jiggling away’ your whole body, you would really expect that you would reap better results with the former. However, manufacturers of vibration platforms in Australia claim that spending at least 10 minutes on this innovative machine can easily achieve the results of an hour’s worth of exercise. How can this happen? Let Home Fitness Equipment explain.

Vibration therapy has been known over the years as an effective relaxation and strengthening procedure performed by athletes before and after every game or training. The premise that manufacturers show is that the pulsation waves that the machine produces are transmitted into the different body tissue fibres and muscles, increasing the contraction and eventually improving the muscle strength, definition, tone, coordination, and balance. As time passes, these vibrations would have the highest potential to develop muscle mass while improving your body’s energy and overall performance.

What are the Benefits of Using a Vibration Platform?

Whatever piece of equipment that provides vibration to the body, not just the best vibration machines, has the sensible benefit of relaxing tired muscles, as proven by massage guns and other therapeutic devices. Aside from that, what else, do you think, would be the advantages that you can get from a vibration platform? Here are some of the perks that researchers and expert gym consultants would tell their customers when it comes to the benefits you can get from your vibration platform:

Weight loss. Burn calories and keep them away when you include using the vibration platform in your daily strength training. Studies also show that a vibration platform for home gym use also helps improve the appearance of cellulites.

Stress relief and relaxation. That is what massage is for! Feel refreshed and rejuvenated after each vibration machine session.

Improve blood circulation. Because the muscle tissues and skin layers are experiencing pulsations while using the vibration machine, blood vessels have better access to deliver blood supply to the whole body.

Develop flexibility, balance, and range of motion. As your whole body vibrates, the muscle fibres stretch and get defined and toned, improving its elasticity, appearance, and performance. The best vibration machine can also improve your balance since the pulsations and the different incline/decline levels of the machine stand challenges you to find your equilibrium while working out.

Build up stronger bones. There are several research studies that derived a theory proposing that bone cells are sensitive to the shaking and pulsations that the vibration platform produces, and they react by improving the body’s bone density.

Low-impact workout. What do you do when using the vibration platform? Virtually nothing! You would have to stand and balance yourself passively while waves of pulsations run through your body. This definitely would not cause any stress and pressure to your joints and bones, preserving your overall health and fitness.

What Should I Consider When Choosing My Vibration Platform for Home Gym Use?

Now that you are convinced about the positive effects the best vibration machines have in store for you, you would start to think about what factors you should think about when choosing among the best vibration platforms in Australia and find one that suits your fitness workspace at home. Here are some of the tips Home Fitness Equipment usually inform valued customers when they inquire about the vibration platform for their home gym. 

Size. How big is the area allotted in your home for your fitness space? If you are going to convert your garage into a full-on man cave or gym, then, by all means, choose the most heavy-duty pieces of gym equipment. But if you are going to just place a gym machine or two in a corner of your den or living room, then find a vibration platform model that does not eat too much space.

Features. Vibration platforms may or may not have handlebars or support railings. If you are a beginner user, opt for a model that has one so you can easily balance and find your stability while using the machine. Choose a vibration platform in Australia that also has an automatic shut-down valve or button in case of mishaps. 

Price. Planning a home gym absolutely requires a budget and a goal that can be reached by selecting the best home gym equipment to address your needs. To be sure that you stay within your means, look at all possible vibration platform candidates and see if the price can be compatible with your other home gym essentials to balance out your finances. Let Home Fitness equipment help you plan and build the best home gym that can help you achieve your fitness goals safely and efficiently.

Users. Are you the only one who will work out using your vibration platform? Or you have other family members and loved ones who would want to reap the benefits of using one? We all have different needs and preferences, so it is a better idea that the vibration platform you choose can accommodate all your unique requirements, allowing your machine to withstand overuse and misuse.