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Improve your balance and enhance your core muscles and flexibility with the help of the Bosu ball only available from Home Fitness Equipment online. When it comes to the adequate home gym equipment and fitness accessories, there’s no one else that can provide you with everything that you need except Home Fitness Equipment. We have the complete array of exercise equipment suitable for your home gym and more. Achieve a full-body workout exercising with the unique piece of fitness equipment in the world today. See and feel the difference only after a few days of training and be the inspiration to your friends and family!

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One of the most underrated pieces of exercise equipment is the Bosu ball because of its unusual shape and design. It looks like an exercise ball cut in half, and the upper hemisphere is placed on a plate then put together to form an odd-looking thing. However, don’t let the design fool you. The Bosu ball is the most reliable balance trainer you’ll find in the world of health and fitness. The design itself is ideal for improving balance and offers enough challenges also to enhance your cardio and strength. Many fitness fanatics use a Bosu balance trainer to add variance in their regular workout routines. The shape and size alone are perfect for home use. Today, Bosu balls might not have the attention and popularity it deserves, however, after reading this article we prepared for you, we guarantee that you’ll never look at the Bosu ball like an ordinary balance trainer any longer. Instead, you will share our insight in looking at the Bosu ball as an essential piece of home gym equipment.

Home Fitness Equipment offers you a chance to learn more about the fantastic balance trainer known as Bosu ball and at the same time, give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to shop for the best bosu balance trainer from our online shop. Be the best of what you can be and start exercising with the sufficient bosu ball in the country. So, let’s get the groove moving!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bosu Ball?

BOSU is an acronym that stands for Bionic Oscillatory Stabilisation Unit. It is also known as the blue half-ball.

It is made out of high-quality rubber that is inflated and is typically attached to a stable platform. It is primarily used as a balance trainer. It can let you perform a wide range of exercise techniques, no matter your current fitness level. The inventor of the Bosu ball is David Weck, and he invented this balance trainer in 1999.

The Bosu balance trainer can be used on its top or bottom side. The top side is ideal for improving your balance because of the semi-circle surface, and the bottom side provides an extra-challenge to work on because of being unstable.

What are the Benefits that I can Achieve from using a Bosu Ball?

The Bosu balance trainer adds versatility to your regular training and turns it into something more beneficial. Let’s say you can focus on muscle groups that are often left-out by regular drills. Here’s a list of the benefits:

Enhances Balance Training

When you position the Bosu balance trainer upside-down, the surface becomes very unstable, making it the ideal tool for balance training exercises. Regular exercises force you to push continually and pull with both your hands using home gym equipment. However, training with the Bosu ball allows you to stabilise and train your core muscles as you go through the drills. The Bosu ball is very challenging to master; this is perhaps the main reason why it is used in rehabilitation activities as well. It helps you train parts of your body to function back to its former range of movement, especially if you are recovering from surgery or stroke.

Enhances Flexibility Training

When you use the upside of the Bosu ball’s dome in your training exercises, it can help you improve your overall flexibility. This method is ideal for stretching exercises, whether for warm-ups or cool down. It provides a more stable ground compared with stretching on a regular exercise ball.

Enhances Strength Training

Balancing exercises always help in the strength and conditioning of the core muscles in your body. The constant pressure that an unstable surface does to your muscles helps with its development, building strength in the process. The other muscles that are usually left out in regular training also get the amount of strain it needs to develop with the different muscle groups. 

Here’s the list of exercises you can incorporate with a Bosu balance trainer:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Overhead presses
  • Planks
  • Push-ups
  • Plyometric drills
  • Crunches

How do I Buy the right Bosu Ball?

When it comes to buying a Bosu ball, you should consider purchasing the ones that are manufactured by the best brands. Not only does it ensure the quality, but it’s also guaranteed to have an extended working life.

Here’s a list of the things you need to consider:

  • Choose a Bosu ball with high-quality rubber for the dome and durable, heavy-duty rubber platform for stability and safety. 
  • Choose a ball that will be able to bear up to your current weight. This is for safety and efficiency. The ball will only yield the results you desire if it’s also up to the tasks you’re performing with it.
  • Choose a ball with a non-burst feature. Some models gradually deflate in case of puncturing. This is generally for safety as well. A Bosu ball that pops instantly may cause injury and property damage.
  • Choose a size that’s suitable for your home gym. It should not take up space that may hinder your movements while exercising.

Why should I buy from Home Fitness Equipment online?

Home Fitness Equipment is the most established name in the online market today in providing the best home gym equipment in the country. We have the best brands available from our online shop. We’ve been in the business of supplying Bosu balls for a long time, and we know what’s best for you when it comes to building your home gym. What’s more is that we have the most comprehensive collection of fitness equipment and we offer all our products at a very reasonable price. We even made our payment method flexible for your convenience. In addition to that, we have the safest and most secure online transaction that you’ll ever experience. Our web developers made sure that we’re using the most sophisticated security system for your account’s protection. We assure you that all personal details are protected at all times. That’s how we value your privacy.

We take care of your orders like it’s our own. The ordering process goes like this:

Order verification and confirmation. As soon as our database receives your order request, the information is then forwarded to our warehouse and goes through a systematic verification process. The details are examined to check if it matches the product being processed like size, colour, model, and quantity. 

Quality check. This stage checks the product/s for aesthetic defects and performance issues. Whenever a fault is determined, our warehouse staff replaces the product immediately. This is to ensure that the product/s will be on its top condition when delivered to your home.

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