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Boxing Bag Overview

Boxing is one of the most thrilling and exciting combat sports that are very popular all over the world. Whether you’re a fan of knockouts or technical skills, boxing never fails to deliver what you want to see. Boxers display an incredible physique because of their intense workout routines. Because of that, many fitness enthusiasts the world over started to train with boxing regiments. 

A boxing bag is undeniably one of the essential pieces of training equipment in boxing exercises. They come in different forms and sizes that have a specific purpose. Some boxing bags are used in strength and conditioning, while others are intended for speed and endurance. With the right boxing bag stand, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind training experience at the comfort of your own home.

Training with a boxing bag at home is better than training at commercial gyms or fitness centres. You don’t have to spend money in gym memberships, you save time by training at home instead of going out, and you don’t have to wait for other people to finish with the boxing bag before you can start exercising.  

If you’re looking for the best boxing bags for sale, then you’re strictly at the right place!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Boxing Bag?

A boxing bag is a piece of fitness accessory that is made out of high-quality leather, vinyl, or other synthetic materials that are filled with sand, grains, or shredded rags. It is typically attached to the appropriate boxing stand based on its type. Boxing bags are primarily designed to improve different punches to develop a proper technique.

What are the Kinds of Boxing Bag?

There are many kinds of boxing bags that have different labels, depending on their size, shape, and installation method. Here’s a list:

  • Speed bags: Speed bags are the small type of punching bags that are inflated and filled with air that is anchored to a boxing bag stand. They are made of high-quality leather to withstand the impact from the punches and the rebounding motion. Their ergonomic design and size made them ideal as a home boxing bag. 
  • Double-end bags: These punching bags are also known as swerving balls or floor-to-ceiling balls. They are about the same size as speed bags, but they are round compared to a speed bag’s tear-shaped design. The mounting method of double-end bags is also different. They use cables that are attached to the floor and ceiling for installation. 
  • Slip bags or maize bags: These punching bags are not designed to improve the strength of a punch. Instead, they are developed to enhance the trainee’s head movement to evade punches effectively. They look like heavy bags; however, they are rounder and bulkier in shape. 
  • Heavy bags: Heavy bags are the most popular type of punching bags in the world of boxing. They are the large cylindrical shaped-bags that is suspended by high-quality chains that are used for strength improvement exercises. 
  • Freestanding heavy bags: These punching bags are anchored to a weighted boxing bag stand instead of hanging by a chain. The boxing bag stand is filled with water or sand to provide stability. The heavy bag and freestanding bag have the same purpose; however, freestanding punching bags can be tackled for MMA training.
  • Uppercut bags benefits: These punching bags are designed to develop the perfect execution of an uppercut. They come in many different shapes and sizes, that probably have the most variations among all the other punching bags. Some models look like a half-size heavy bag mounted horizontally on two chains, and others may be just like an over-sized round-shaped speed bag.

What are the Benefits of Punching Bags?

Different types of punching bags have different ways of providing benefits. Here’s a list based on their types:

Speed bag benefits: Speed bags are intended to improve endurance and hand speed. The rebounding motion from punches helps your arm muscles to develop naturally, which affects the rate of your punches. The position assists with improving your endurance since typically they are suspended overhead. 

Double-end bag benefits: These punching bags help with your hand-eye coordination and also enhances your ability to evade the punches thrown by your opponent. They bounce back whenever you hit them because the cable attachment s from the floor and ceiling provides elasticity. 

Slip bags benefits: Unlike double-end bags, you can punch slip bags with all your might. Because of their size and weight, they won’t bounce back quickly. The swinging motion it provides after hitting them is the perfect training to sway your head against its movement to improve your dodging abilities.

Heavy bags benefits: Heavy bags provide enough resistance for your punches to develop muscle strength without damaging your hands and arms. You can throw all the combinations of the punches you’ve learned from your training to a punching bag and incorporate footwork as well. The heavy bag helps you achieve a full-body workout.

Freestanding heavy bags benefits: These punching bags are perfect for boxing as well as MMA. You can enhance your ability to topple your opponent because of its design. Freestanding heavy bags also provide a life-like opponent training session. 

Uppercut bags benefits: An uppercut is one of the most devastating punches in any form of combat sports. The ability to perfect the technique with the help of this punching bag can make a whole lot of difference in your game. 

How Do I Choose the Right Boxing Bag for Home Gym Setup?

Choosing boxing bags and boxing bag stands for home use can be quite tricky. There are many types that you can choose from that picking the right one can be difficult. However, before you start shopping for this home gym equipment, try to consider these things first:

Size and weight: Choose the size and weight that matches your current weight and height. The general rule to find out what’s the appropriate size and weight for you is that a punching bag should be half your current weight. The size should be at least be approximately near your height.

Texture or surface: Choose natural leather if you plan to workout extensively since they are more durable compared with human-made materials. On the other hand, if you plan to train lighter exercises, then buy synthetic materials instead.

Filling: There are many types of filling that you can choose from: Sand – offers the traditional feel, water – for low impact effects, air – for excellent rebounding, and textile for lighter exercises.

Why Should I Buy from Home Fitness Equipment?

Home Fitness Equipment cares about your overall health and wellness. We strive to meet your demands when it comes to home gym equipment and fitness accessories. Here’s what to expect from our services:

World-class Home Gym Equipment

We made sure that all the products we offer are genuinely manufactured by the best brands all over the globe. How and where our products are made plays an integral role in the services we offer. We believe that only the best brands are capable of exceeding your expectations.  

Affordable Prices and Flexible Payment

We tagged our products at a very reasonable price because we aim to accelerate your fitness progress without breaking your budget. Our flexible payment method is designed to provide the maximum payment convenience to all financial levels.

Secure Online Ordering System

Our online ordering systems are powered by the latest and cutting-edge security technology that makes online shopping safe, secure, and reliable. We take all the precautionary measures to protect you while processing online transactions from our website.

Dependable Delivery Services

The safe delivery of your purchase is as important to us as it is for you. We are working with the most trusted courier companies in Australia to ensure a seamless delivery service for your convenience. Whether you prefer the standard delivery method, expedited, or same-day delivery, we got you covered.

Positive Customer Service Experience

We have highly trained professionals to assist you with all your needs. Our sales staff can help you choose which punching bag is appropriate for your training program, and they can even offer sound advice on the installation process and training exercises that you can perform for each type. 

Home Fitness Equipment is always ready to provide the best boxing bags and stands in Australia in the year 2020 and beyond. You know that you made the right decision when you buy our products. So, please visit our website today and order the product that you desire. Enjoy shopping!