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Complete Your Home Boxing Ring with Sturdy Boxing Stands

Boxing stands are one of the best space-saving and sturdy fitness foundations there is for a home gym. Punching that large leather bag will not be as fulfilling and safe if it’s not securely fastened onto a reliable base. Boxing stands were built to solve this problem. They are constructed out of the most rigid metal and carefully designed to be as balanced and unwavering as possible from the relentless onslaught of your punches. Now, you can enjoy the satisfying and stress-relieving sport without even an inkling of worry in your face. Home Fitness Equipment’s boxing stands are as tough as the rocks at Cradle Mountain. Don’t waste any more time and buy one of our boxing stands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the varieties of boxing stands available for me?

You can choose among the three best-selling boxing stands available from Home Fitness Equipment. We have heavy bag stands, freestanding punching bags, and ceiling or wall-mounted box stands. All three can get you going in no time and are designed to be assembled with minimal requirements.

Heavy Bags Stands

Heavy bag stands are floor mounted, meaning it needs to be anchored to the floor. Some need not be fixed to the floor and can carry the punching bags, its own weight, and the force of your punches. Heavy bag stands can carry a punching bag from 30 to 60kg and are ideal for martial art training, MMA, and Muay Thai. It provides the athlete convenience to practice at any setting and gives the bag free rein when it comes to your range of motion, swaying in any lateral direction. A heavy bag stand can be a single-stationed or a double-stationed box stand. For single-stationed heavy bag stands, it can only accommodate one punching bag at a time. Double-stationed heavy bag stands can either support two heavy bags or one heavy bag and one-speed boxing bag for your agility training.

Wall- and ceiling-mounted box stands

The wall- and ceiling-mounted box stands, as their names imply, are attached to your ceiling or wall by a steel angle and bracket assembly. Wall-mounted bag stands are suitable for light to medium weight boxers where punches aren’t necessarily wall breaking. Due to the limited space between your wall and the boxing bag, if the boxing bag is hit too hard, it could backfire right at you. But this is the most space-saving type of boxing stand and the most convenient since you can actually hang it onto the wall of your room. As for the ceiling-mounted box stands, they give you more wiggle room to perform your boxing moves but can be a little complicated to assemble than the heavy bag stand or the wall-mounted one.

Freestanding punching bags

Freestanding punching bags have built-in box stands. These are the recommended boxing stands for amateur boxers or for those who just want to include boxing in their workout routines. Freestanding punching bags are designed for lighter boxing bags and are great if you’re going to practice speed boxing as most models of these boxing stands are spring type. You can still use your low, and middle kick prowess with these boxing stands provided that it doesn’t pack the heavyweight champion’s kick or the gym equipment will fly across the room. It doesn’t need to be fixed or screwed, and it has wheels so it can be easily moved from one place to another. There are also freestanding punching bags that are available for your kiddos. So it can be a good bonding experience with your cheeky little monkey.

What size of boxing stand should I purchase?

A typical constraint of most home gyms is the limited space available, so you have to be sure that your box stand can fit into your home gym before punching those numbers into the keyboard. To be sure that your boxing stand can fit into your humble abode and you will still have some wiggle room to perform that impressive footwork, do this simple simulation.

  1. Stack some empty boxes on the location where you want to place your stand and try to imitate your boxing routine.
  2. If you feel too cramped, lessen the widths of the boxes. If you’re planning to use a wall-mounted boxing stand, just make sure that you’re not placing your wall-mounted box stand at the corner of the room.
  3. For ceiling-mounted stands, use the stack boxes test if it’s a fitting place for your boxing training.

Do boxing stands have weight limitations of the boxing bags it can carry?

All pieces of gym equipment have their own sets of limitations or restrictions in them, and so do box stands. Most boxing stands can handle up to 170kg of weight. The solution to knowing the right load of the punching bag you need for your home gym is to do this simple math. Weigh yourself and double that number. You’ll get the maximum weight of the punching bag you can use for your home boxing ring. If you can, try to test your boxing bag of choice in the fitness store. It should at least sway a little when you punch it lightly. Choosing a punching bag that’s too far from your weight limit will swing too much and could cause you a concussion. On the other hand, when you choose a bag that’s over your weight capacity, it will render the bag immobile from your punches, and you will have to practice with a bag that just absorbs your energy. In only a few months, your strikes will create holes in your punching bag that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Are there box stands that can carry two or more boxing bags?
Typically, box stands can only carry one or two boxing stands. But new modifications have been added that allow you to hang a maximum of six boxing bags. If you are planning to buy another set of punching bags in the future, you can choose among these variations of boxing stands. There are boxing stands that can bear two heavy boxing bags, or one heavy bag and one-speed bag, or a heavy bag, a speed bag, and two double-end bags. You just have to think through how you’re planning to progress your boxing training.

How can I maintain my punching bag and stand?

Using any gym equipment for extended periods will wear the gear out. But there’s a difference between natural wearing and incorrect up keeping of your gym gears. Applying proper maintenance to your boxing stands and bags will ultimately save you hundreds of dollars for care and preservation, stopping you from buying another set of boxing gears.

  1. Punching bags should be cleaned after each session. If you’re practising every day, then you’ll need to clean your bags daily. Sweat, moisture, dirt, and dust will leave your boxing bag unpleasant to look at. It would wear faster than it should be and could potentially transfer your harmful bacteria and could cause an injury. Wiping a clean rag or a wet towel with disinfectant all over its surface will remove any foul odours and clean your punching bag in an instant. It’s not hard, is it?
  2. Patch any occasional tiny tears and cuts that your punches might create after continued use. If bag straps are twisted, immediately straighten them out.
  3. Your boxing stand is bolted and is made of steel that may rust after a long time of exposure to moisture. Take your time to grease those screws and bolts with oil and paint the metal with anti-corrosion paint to maintain the structure’s integrity. Regular unused cooking oil can be used as a lubricant for your bolts.
  4. Check that the stand’s loops, chains, and hooks don’t have cracks in them or are about to give way. It is crucial to inspect them at least every six months to avoid any injury or accident from happening.

Maintaining your equipment is a good habit to keep to ensure a better and safer daily exercise. If you have any questions about maintaining your home gym boxing sets, feel free to ask for the advice of our fitness experts and mechanics.