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Weightlifting Protection? Gym Gloves is the solution.

Gym gloves or fitness gloves are used by weightlifters to have a good grip of the weight’s bar and to secure it in their hands. Gym gloves are not just gym accessories, they should be added in your gym essentials list. Aside from locking the weights, it also prevents the lifter from getting bruises and scars from lifting weights that can be ten times their own. Though you may occasionally injure yourself in weightlifting, this is a situation that can be prevented. So don’t take your chances and buy the best gym gloves now at Home Fitness Equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Gym Gloves help me with?

If you are currently building your home gym, you must perform your workouts the safest way possible. Protecting yourself from getting injured is a top priority particularly, if you’re living alone and won’t have the luxury to be nursed by someone. But safety isn’t just the gains you would have if you don on weightlifting gloves. Let me tell you what more it can do for you.

Improved Grip

This is the chief purpose of your gym gloves, to hold your equipment efficiently so that you can have total control of it. Full control over your equipment means you can do your weightlifting routines more efficiently since you can do one movement without having to check if your hands are too sweaty that the bar might slip from your grasp. Basically, gym gloves were designed to keep moisture from your hands so that you have a good grip of the barbell or dumbbells or any weightlifting equipment. As gym gloves’ designs evolve, more grip-enhancer designs are available for lifters, like textured materials or textured features on the gloves.


One particular characteristic of any workout is that it makes you feel comfortable doing it. For weightlifters, not having sweaty hands are a great comfort when raising heavy loads. It lets you focus more on what you are doing than on the possibility of the weights slipping and causing you an injury because of your moisty hands.

Relieves Pressure

Not only does your gym gloves prevent your hands from sweating profusely but also relieves pressure on your hands created by the heavy weight. Lessening the pressure to your hands prevent you from growing too thick calluses. Calluses are a natural defence system of your skin to prevent you from getting bruises due to the stress of your weightlifting. That is good, but when it becomes too thick, it might crack and tear apart. And having torn skin is never a good thing for weightlifters, or for anybody. Relieving pressure from your hands also lets you concentrate more of your strength to lifting those heavy weights.

Wrist Support

Quality gym gloves usually have straps that you can wrap around your hands and wrists to offer wrist support. This is very helpful when you are trying to lift weights that are heavier than your capacity. Pulling off such weights can be dangerous not just to your hands but especially your wrist. The veins on your wrists can rupture if exerted with too much force. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Increased Lift

Gym gloves that have wrist straps are known to aid you in lifting heavier weights as it distributes the weight evenly across your forearms. It works best on pulling activities such as deadlifts and upright rows. If you would like to use your gym gloves other than managing your hands’ perspiration, then you would want to have wrist straps attached to help you lift more weights.

How to pick my perfect workout gloves for gym?

Gym gloves or weightlifting gloves are a must for every weightlifter as it not only safeguards your hand from cuts and burns because of friction but also keeps you safe from the weights slipping from your grip. Those are the most important factors why weightlifting gloves are essential to lifters, both beginners and advanced. But any gym equipment will only be useful if it is the most appropriate kind for its user. Here are some tips on how to choose your perfect gym gloves.


Your gym gloves should fit snugly with your hands. Loose gym gloves would just cause trouble when you are holding the equipment. You will not have a good grip of the barbell since you can’t properly wrap your hands around the bar and at the same time, the loose folded parts will stick to your hands and will give you discomfort.

Protection and Cushioning

Gym gloves have three finger lengths; ½ finger length, ¾ finger and the full finger. For protection, choose the gloves that have long finger lengths; for a stronger grip, choose the glove with the least finger length. Look for gloves that are padded for a more “close contact” feel with your training equipment. Make sure that you check your gym gloves of choice for its flexibility – your palms and fingers should easily curl on the bar when you grasp it.


Your gym gloves should support both your wrist and hands during weight training. It should feel natural as well as supportive to your hands, allowing you to maintain proper position of your wrist and palm while working out.


Check that you have enough traction in your palms to have a no-slip grip. Your palms and fingers should always have a feel of the bar you are gripping and provide enough traction while not scratching the surface of the equipment. Suede or rubber made gym gloves are perfect for giving enough traction to your hands.

How do I clean my gym gloves?

When you are doing your weightlifting sessions, gym gloves quickly become staple gym accessories. But after your free weights workout is over, chances are they are immediately dumped to that dingy, moist environment – that is your gym bag, a perfect place for all sorts of bacteria to grow and have a field trip. Take them out into the light, mate and follow these cleaning steps to ensure that you’re gym gloves are hygienic enough to be used.

  1. Soak your gym gloves in the sink with warm water. Add enough soap, it may be a dishwashing detergent or some equipment maintaining soap, and massage each glove. Squeeze each finger of the gym gloves as well as the palms and scrub off any grime. Do this for at least 3 to 5 minutes to make sure that all the sweat has been squeezed out of your gym gloves.
  2. Flip them inside out. Repeat the same procedure, squeeze tightly and religiously. Make sure to take out most of the sweat. Rinse and check if the gym gloves don’t smell funky anymore. If they still do, soak it again in another set of warm water with soap. Soak them for about an hour and squeeze again but not as profusely as the first time. Rinse and air-dry them.
  3. If washing by hand is not working, throw those weightlifting gloves into the washing machine. Set the machine to a gentle wash. Make sure that the Velcro straps are securely fastened to prevent them from sticking to the fabric. Air-dry them. Indoor drying is preferred since direct sunlight can weaken the fibres and lose their shape.
  4. Do wash your gloves at least once a week.

How do I maintain my gym gloves?

Aside from cleaning your weightlifting gloves, it would be nice to make it a habit of properly maintaining them. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your gloves to last longer.

  • Place your gym gloves away from moisture when not in use. A cupboard in your garage can be a nice place to store it since the garage is not susceptible to moisture unless you are in areas where it snows, then the garage isn’t probably the perfect place to keep your gym gloves.
  • Don’t ever keep it under direct sunlight for drying. The fibres of your gloves will easily weaken under the sun and they will lose their shape with continual exposure to sunlight.
  • Regularly wash your gloves, preferably once a week. This is to remove your sweat and to practice proper hygiene.
  • Use warm water and machine laundry detergent for washing.
  • Don’t use chlorine on it when washing.
  • Use low heat when drying on a machine.