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Gym Mats, The Ultimate Flooring Solution to Your Exercise Needs!

Are you having trouble maintaining your pace while performing your exercise routines? Have you noticed your gym equipment slipping through your floor? If yes, you might want to buy some gym mats. Gym mats are the most effective flooring solution that will help you avoid unnecessary slip-ups, which may cause accidents while performing your routines.

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Gym mats are designed specifically for safety and comfort while maintaining durability. It expects to meet the standards suitable for use in fitness centres, home gyms, schools, or any other training facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Gym Mats?
Whether at the gym or your home, a gym mat is an essential tool when performing exercises. Gym mats, otherwise known as an exercise mat, is a primary gym must-have if you want to avoid slipping during your fitness routines. Gym mats are placed nicely against the floor to allow the individual to get better traction while performing his or her exercises. Some gym mats also help protect your floor from your gym equipment, to avoid cracks and scratches from happening. You can use gym mats when performing floor-based strength training exercises and can also be useful for those that do yoga and Pilates.

What Are the Different Types of Gym Mats?

Gym mats come in varying sizes, shapes, and materials depending on its use. Each gym mat is known to have its workout counterpart. We have listed below some of the different types of gym mats, and what kind of fitness program requires them. The following are just an overview of the most common types of gym mats. 


Pilates Mats. These are gym mats suitable for Pilates use. Similar to yoga mats, they are less sticky and come in a slightly thicker variety because of the half-inch padding it has. The firm texture of the floor padding makes it suitable for Pilates exercises.

Yoga Mats. Yoga focuses on lower impact routines. A unique feature of a yoga mat is its capability to stick on the floor surface. This design is vital in protecting the matting from slipping.

Fitness Mats. The most common type of gym mats is fitness mats. They are used for any exercises, including crunches and stretches. They can withstand any impact and provide cushion during your routine. They have a vinyl cover that is easy to clean.

Professional Fitness Mats. These mats are the ones that they use on professional athletics and fitness gyms. They are thick enough to absorb the most intense shock that helps in preventing severe injuries in the neck, spine, ankles, and knees.

Foam Mats. Like puzzles, foam mats have interlocking edges. You can usually see these mats in martial arts classes or even home gyms. They are the right choice if you enjoy performing high-intensity exercises, but have limited space. The foam mats can be removed and stored if not in use.Floor Protectors. Floor protectors are specifically designed to care for your flooring from getting damaged by your fitness equipment. They are nonslip and keeps the gym equipment from moving while being used.

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Gym Mat?

If you regularly exercise or have plans to do so, getting a gym mat will surely help get the most out of your routine—experience a safe, clean, and comfortable fitness journey with the help of gym mats.


Aside from the fact that you can execute your routine without having to worry about slip-ups, the following are the benefits and advantages you can get from using gym mats:


  • Gym mats do not require rigorous installation. 

Yes, some gym mats are easy to install while some do not even require any installation at all. There is no need to ask for technical support to assist you when using a gym mat. You can place it on the floor without having to sweat. 

  • Gym mats can last long, even without any maintenance.

Talk about practicality. Gym mats require less or zero maintenance at all while staying on its original form. You won’t have to worry about spending any extra money on upkeep and replacement.  

  • Gym mats are durable and water-resistant.

With the variety of top-class and high-grade materials used, gym mats are no doubt highly durable. Gym mats have a shock-absorbent feature that lets them easily withstand high-intensity pressure caused by the use of gym equipment or intense physical activities. Most gym mats are also resistant to water. The occurrence of having a sloppy surface is easily avoided as gym mats readily absorb any excess liquid. Keeping the gym mat clean and dry offers an optimal grip which in return can enhance comfort while working out.

  • Gym mats highlight your personal space.

If you prefer exercising outside your house, you can use your gym mat to highlight your personal space. It provides a sense of separation between your workout area and the legroom for others around you. Having a gym mat lets you do your exercise wherever you may go.

  • Gym mats promote cleanliness and hygiene.

Instead of performing your exercises on the floor, a gym mat is useful in adding an extra layer of protection between you and the ground. It is also more hygienic to have your own exercise mat to use. Have a gym mat for your personal use, so you won’t have to worry about the sweat of other people reaching your skin.

How Do I Shop for A Gym Mat?

Before you decide which type of gym mat to buy, it is also essential to keep in mind some other factors you need to consider when choosing the right product. Aside from the differences in features, keep in mind the top four essential characteristics: Size, Comfort, Texture, and Price.


Size. Depending on where you will use your gym mat, always check whether the available dimension is suitable enough to be placed on your open space. Also, you will need to make sure to find a size that will suit you and your body in general. 

Comfort. Gym mats vary in the way they are manufactured. Both materials and thickness play a major contributing factor in providing comfort. You must be comfortable enough when using your gym mat.

Texture. Especially if you sweat often, a gym mat’s surface is vital in maintaining grip and traction. However, too much grip will be too sticky and movement-limiting. Consider choosing a gym mat that is somewhere in between. 

Price. A product’s brand may have a price worth more than twice the other brand, but with similar features and characteristics. Be wise and practical when choosing your product. Thankfully, there are lots of gym mats brands you can choose from. 


Are you having a hard time choosing from the various gym mats available? You can ask for a referral from our fitness trainers; they are the friendly experts that you will need in finding your ideal gym mat. They will guide you in finding the most suitable gym mat fit for the type of workouts that you do. You can also check out our website to learn more.

Where Can I Find Gym Mats for Sale?
Gym mats come in many forms, types, materials, as well as brands. To help you in narrowing down your search, Home Fitness Equipment is proud to offer gym mats designed with only the top performance that could come in mind. Explore through our exquisite selection of innovative gym mats that would surely satisfy your needs. With the easy shipping and delivery services, consider buying from our store, and you’ll surely get the comfort level you deserve.