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Enjoy A Stronger And Leaner Body With Gymnastic Rings

The world of fitness is dynamic and continuously changing. There is no way to be sure if methods that are effective today would still be as practical after a decade. With the constant upgrade and development of gym machines and equipment, finding a fitness tool that has consistent efficiency is a difficult task. Despite the challenge, some pieces of equipment are still loved by many, like the gymnastic rings.

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Most of the classic gym equipment, such as gymnastic rings, are proven to be as effective as it was before. Because of its established and tested efficiency in the corners of the gym, most fitness centres still keep these pieces of equipment. Gymnastic rings are the very same rings used by gymnasts to train and to compete in various categories of gymnastics. Because of the additional challenge with gymnastic rings, contestants on prominent competitions like the Olympic use these rings. You might have noticed the gratefulness and the featherweight movements of the players when performing routines in a gymnastic competition. Training with gym rings is a significant factor in this fitness training. 


With gymnastic rings, you learn how to strengthen your muscles to bear your body weight. A set of Olympic rings are usually known to enhance the muscle strength of the arm. But with proper use and the right techniques, gymnastic rings can improve the total muscle power of the body. Training with a gym ring is also useful in enhancing flexibility. With the involvement of the muscles in the abdomen and extremities with minimal drawbacks, gym rings are indeed a classic fitness training tool.


Gymnastic rings, gym rings, or Olympic rings are the gym equipment usually made of wood, metal, or plastic with varying sizes. Gym rings hang from the ceiling or on a bar through a strap. You can be creative in training with gymnastic rings by incorporating it in a different workout. You can also be innovative in choosing a gym ring that is compatible with you. There can be many variations to gymnastic rings. Build a proactive lifestyle with fun workouts using a gymnastic ring to improve your total body strength. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of gymnastic rings?

Many deem gymnastic rings as workout tools only for the strong and brave-hearted. That is, as a matter of fact, a rogue concept. At Home Fitness Equipment, we clarify and correct misconceptions such as this. We keep every transaction with a customer knowledgeable and directed to their wants and needs. Regardless if you are an enthusiast or a seasoned athlete, here are some benefits you can reap by using gymnastic rings:

  • It targets various muscles. Gymnastic rings are mostly seen as the perfect tool for upper body training. But it is more than that. Different exercises using a gymnastic ring can tackle almost any muscle on your body, superficial and deep. Gymnastic rings engage multiple muscles when doing several routines at the gym or at home. This training equipment calls for high stability and challenges, even in performing simple exercises. 


  • It is versatile. If you are someone who needs a dose of exercise every day, then you should consider owning a gymnastic ring. Gymnastic rings are fast and straightforward to set up. Not to mention, they are easy to pack since each consists only of a strap and a ring. There is no need for laborious and complex assembly of parts. You just need to find something to hang the straps on, and you are good to go.


  • It makes for a fun workout. Revamp your usual workout routines with gymnastic rings. Have you ever felt bored while doing the push-up or any other fitness activity? You are sweating and contracting the right muscles, but it just doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore. With gym rings, you can instantly innovate simple exercises into fun training. Satisfy the inner child in you with workouts that are playful and as effective.


  • It improves your flexibility. Gymnastic rings can enhance overall resilience. The immense mobility needed to accomplish gymnastic rings exercises involve multiple muscle groups. Most lifting exercises that target the same muscle groups require higher strength and static movement. This static movement causes the muscles to strain easily, which might cause an injury in the long run. The dynamic nature of gym rings training allows you to target different muscles when sustaining the tension of the exercise. Hence with multiple muscle involvement, using a pair of gymnastic rings leads to improved total body flexibility.


  • It boosts your strength. Achieve more robust and powerful muscles while maintaining form when doing gym rings exercises. Own those boulders without the need for intense deadlifts and bench presses. Using gymnastic rings is perhaps the easiest way to master functional training without the need for heavy loads. The strength you get from gymnastic rings exercises will also give you the upper hand in doing high-intensity workouts that require power.


These are only a few of the things you can gain with gymnastic rings. Indeed, every gym equipment offers different perks and benefits. It is one of the goals of Home Gym Fitness to properly orient you and give reliable insights on the various products we offer. We want to help you match the right product for your needs. Because in the end, the efficiency of the workout still boils down to what equipment you used and how you optimised it.

How should I choose the right gymnastic rings for my home gym?

We make sure that every customer does not miss out on the essential information about our products. Our staffs are passionate about giving product details like key features, advantages, and disadvantages of each equipment. Home Gym Fitness offers a wide range of options to choose from when buying gymnastic rings:


Ring – You can choose from wood, plastic, and metal, depending on your preference. 

  • Wood. There is another classification for the kind of wood used. But in general, gymnastic rings made from wood are useful when you have clammy hands and have difficulty maintaining grip. Gymnastic rings require a firm grip to maintain form when doing routines. However, you might need to buy new ones over time as gym rings that are made from wood changes in colour and weaken through time and extreme conditions.
  • Plastic. Mostly made of polycarbonate, these plastic rings are durable. Compared to wooden rings, plastic gym rings have a polished and smooth surface that is more comfortable for gripping. Although, you might want to prepare plenty of chalk as plastic rings can get very slippery with water or sweat. 
  • Metal. Also known as steel rings, this kind of gymnastic rings is comparably durable to plastic and wooden rings. It is heavier, which helps you to achieve more stability and confidence when doing support hold. Metal gym rings are also slippery to feel. And on the contrary to plastic rings, it needs less chalk. Metal gym rings are adaptive to temperature so you can use it outdoors as well. On the other hand, it quickly gets rusty over time and very expensive.

Strap – Choose from adjustable or fixed straps. There also different variations in length if you want to install set gymnastic rings. One thing to consider when selecting a strap for your gym rings is the durability. The straps should be able to support different weights. 

  • Material. You can choose from nylon or polyester. There is no much difference between the material as both are durable to use. 
  • Length. There are wide variations of measurement you can choose from to match the set up you want. There are gymnastic rings with adjustable length using cam buckles or aluminium carabiners to help you modify the height of the rings.
  • Markings. Keep track of your progress with gym rings that have strap markings. Adjust the length of the strap according to the markings to add more challenge to your training intensity.


Home Fitness Equipment ventures different innovation and ideas to help boost the result of your gym training. We offer cost-effective gym equipment and gear to help you meet your targets in every workout. With quick arrangements, we can get you gymnastic rings from Australia to wherever you are. 


Home Fitness Equipment makes sure that you get the best of our service by finding you gymnastic rings that are suitable for your needs. Needs and wants are two different things. But in Home Fitness Equipment, you can find both of your needs and wants in our workout tools and accessories. We make sure that your transaction with us is worth your time and money. Our well-rounded teams are skilful and committed to giving you our best products. You can ask for product modifications, and we can make arrangements to meet your preferences. We do not let distance and difference in time hinder our services from reaching you. Our online service is responsive 24/7 to help you with your gym equipment dilemmas. We also make services possible even to distant customers with seamless and on-time deliveries. At Home Fitness Equipment, your fitness goals are ours as well. So we make sure that you get the benefits and maximise the effects of your workout with our products.