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Keep Track Of Your Fitness and Health With Heart Rate Monitors

Home Fitness Equipment has the selection of the best heart rate monitors Australia can ever get. We have scoured the entire globe to give you the best possible choices for these essential fitness trackers. How did we do that? Simple. We have tapped our very own pool of medical experts who recommended the most accurate heart rate monitors in the market, both locally and internationally. We tested each of them according to our quality standards with the help of our most reliable fitness trainers. So, what are you waiting for? Get one of our high-quality heart rate monitors, and you’ll see your pulse condition in an instant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a heart rate monitor work?

A heart rate monitor or HRM is a fitness tracker that measures and displays the speed of your pulse in a minute. It is a real-time monitoring system and as accurate as electrocardiograms. Sensors in a chest strap or LED can detect each electrical activity of the heart as it beats. The data collected is immediately transmitted to a receiver, such as a smartwatch, phone app, or any mobile device. Heart rate monitors are handy in workout exercises, especially for cardio-intensive routines. Initially, the signal from the pulse sensors is sent via a network that is prone to many obstructions. As technology advanced, the Bluetooth technology has enabled its makers to send the data to cell phones and other mobile devices like apps, or smartwatches without a hitch.

How can heart rate monitors help me with my workout exercises?
Fitness trackers such as the heart rate monitors can continuously display the speed of your beating heart as you go through your workout sessions. If you compare these to on-demand pulse monitors, they would only show you readings after taking your time to stop and read your pulse. Fitness trackers with built-in heart rate monitors can free you from the unnecessary and sometimes annoying task of checking all the time. Every workout exercise has what they call, a heart rate zone. This is a range of beats per minute that you should be aiming at. Heart rate zones are based on the intensity of your workouts. Most heart rate monitors have indicators that display if you are exercising within your heart rate zone. This allows you to adjust your workout intensity according to your target heart rate, whether you should slow down, speed up, change the incline or resistance. There are also heart monitors that save your workout heart rate along with time, speed, elevation, and other needed information. This gives you a detailed report of how you are progressing and allows you to make any changes, if necessary. This is very helpful, especially for our fitness buds, who are young at heart.


What are the different types of heart rate measurements that I have to know?

It’s not just enough to purchase a heart rate monitor, but you also have to know how to use it. Any fitness accessory is useless unless you know how to maximize its features.

  • Resting heart rate. This is the measure of your heartbeat when you’re in a relaxed mode. You can take it before getting out of bed, or while getting your daily dose of orange juice or washing the dishes. You should take your resting heart rate as you wake up. When working out, it can show if you have overexerted yourself as it will give you a higher reading. For physically fit individuals, their resting heart rate will usually be lower.
  • Maximum heart rate. As you might guess, this is the peak amount of beats that your heart can reach according to your age. Typically, you’ll attain your MHR when you’ve pushed your heart to as far as it can go. You know that you’re there when exercising more can feel like your heart will explode. You can use this heart rating for estimating your heart rate zones when you do your workout exercises.
  • Training or Target Heart Rate. This is your heart rate when you are working out a particular exercise. There can be several training heart rates for the different routines that you are doing during workout sessions. It’s essential to take note of your different target heart rates at each exercise to better give you an idea if you are exercising as you should.
  • Recovery heart rate. Your recovery heart rate is the ideal number that you should get after a workout session. Measuring this may take a few attempts, but knowing this can be beneficial so you cannot just monitor your activity efficiency, but also your overall cardio health.

Are there any options for heart rate monitors?

There are two classifications of heart rate monitors that you can choose from. One that directly reads the electrical impulses of your heart and another that senses and counts your pulse rate. Both can accurately tell you the speed at which your heart is going.

Wireless chest strap heart rate monitor. This type uses sensors that are embedded in a strap placed around your chest just beneath your breast. The device senses the electrical activity of your heart and relays that to your mobile phone or device. The sensor can also be embedded in the strap of sports bras. Chest strap heart monitors require continuous contact with the skin in your chest to read your heart rate accurately.

Watch strap or armband heart monitors. These are those that are worn as a wristwatch or armband. They use optical sensors at the back of these devices to continuously read your pulse rate. Just as with the chest strap monitors, it can accurately display your heart rate in no time. As with any other device, this type of heart rate tracker has its limitations. Monitors that use infrared to detect and send signals can get interference from muscles, and those that use green light sensors cannot penetrate through tattoos or dark-pigmented skin. But this inadequacy can be overcome by using yellow light sensors.

There are also heart fitness trackers that sense your pulse when you place one or two fingers on the sensor buttons. These are great when you want to take a break and catch your breath for a second. You push the button and there you go, you have an accurate read of how your heart speed. Home Fitness Equipment can show you a variety of brands and models of heart rate monitors. Just visit our website so you can be sure that your chosen model is the best fit for your and your fitness needs.