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Buy a Leg Press Machine and Reach Further Mile Every Day 

Don’t you just love those sexy, toned legs and well-shaped thighs, like those of an athlete? Some find it unattractive, and yet most see it as a sign of prowess and physical fitness. Luckily, here at Home Fitness Equipment, we can pull some tricks for you. We offer a lot of power equipment compatible with indoor training, like the leg press machines for home. To help you quickly achieve the goals in your fitness journey, we assist you in selecting the right equipment for your workout. We have the perfect tools to help you transform that potato couch leg into a fit and toned leg. 

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Save the time of driving to a gym when you can just walk to your own, personal and customised fitness corner. All of Home Fitness Equipment’s products are quality-assured and top-notch to make sure that you get more than you invest in, like our leg press machine. Get those quadriceps muscles working when you start on leg press exercises right away, using our leg press machine for sale promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Perform an Effective Leg Press Routine?

Having a home gym and a leg press machine might give you the needed push to start the workout. But without the proper knowledge on which muscles to employ and without the right technique, doing leg press at home might not get you the effect you want. 

  • To do a good leg press, make sure that you sit with your back resting flatly. Make sure that you distribute your weight equally to both sides of the body and that you are not slouching. 
  • Perform leg press with your knees at a bent position.
  • Straighten your legs to move the weight.
  • Bend your knees again to do another leg press.

It might sound easy and straightforward, but a slight mistake in lifting the weight or a wrong sitting position will regard the exercise ineffective or hurtful. That is why trusted, and reputable brands are of necessity when choosing a leg press machine. Australia’s renowned home gyms with leg press acquire fitness tools from Home Fitness Equipment to ensure quality and top-tier instruments.

Which Exercise Routine is Better: Leg Presses and Squats?

Before you rummage through numerous online stores that post a leg press for sale promotion, pause for a moment, and ponder if leg press in a home gym is the right choice for you. If you are not yet aware, doing squats target the same muscle group with leg press. Consider the following when choosing between leg press and squats: 

  • Know your goal. Squats involve the muscles of the abdomen and the hips in addition to quadriceps. While leg press has more focus on the leg muscles alone. With knowing the real intention of your work out, it will help you achieve noticeable results quickly.
  • Determine your capacity. If you are someone who is easily strained or injured but wants to strengthen leg muscle, do the leg press. Squats, when performed poorly and in a bad posture, will present more risk through back and knee injury. 
  • Need for assistance. A quality leg press in a home gym set-up presents more intensity and challenge than squats. Leg press machines have a unique design to train you in holding more weight without too much risk for injuries. On the other hand, doing squats with heavy weights need a spotter to ensure safety.

You really cannot label one exercise to be better than the other in a general concept. But you can identify which activity or workout routine is better and more suitable to your needs. A strength or weight training or workout is more than just lifting and contracting muscles. It also takes knowing oneself to employ better methods and understanding that what works for others might not work for you. 

What are the Different Leg Press Variations?

Create better lower body muscle definition and tone by knowing the difference among the many leg press variations, so you can perform them and take advantage of their efficiency.

  • One-leg leg press. Develop stronger muscles on your lower extremities by alternating between legs when doing a leg press. With this technique, you can ensure that each leg is engaging effectively in the workout.Higher foot placement. As the name implies, placing your footing on the higher portion of the footpad will shift more load to your hamstrings and buttocks.
  • Lower foot placement. This type of leg press exercise targets the quadriceps rather than just the hamstring and buttocks. By placing your foot on the lower portion of the footpad, you will increase the motion of your knees.
  • Wide stance. Improve the strength of your inner thighs by placing your feet further apart. In this leg press variation, the load shifts to the muscles of the inner quadriceps. 

Why Should I Choose my Leg Press Machine from Home Fitness equipment?

Home Fitness equipment offers essential gym items on sale, and you always have the option to receive our exclusive offers and personalised emails to be the first to know of our promos.  We also offer modifications to assure that our products meet and surpass your expectations. We cater to numerous customers around the globe in helping them to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We take pride in the cost-effective and sophisticated products we use in building machines to be of help in your indoor workouts at home like the leg press machine. We deliver the leg press machine from Australia to your doorstep with fragility and meticulousness, to ensure you of a seamless and smooth transaction. With Home Fitness Equipment, your dream of having a home gym with leg press machine or any other equipment is now possible, easy, and convenient.