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Use High-Quality Liquid Chalk for your Climbing and Gym Exercises

liquid chalk

Make your grip extra strong to help you with your lifting and climbing exercises. Liquid chalks make sweaty palms go away, minimizing the risk of any accident or grip problems while working out. Visit Home Gym Australia to avail the best brands of liquid chalk, as well as other home gym equipment and accessories.

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Having a firm and robust grip plays a significant role in your health and fitness journey. Many forms of exercise activities require the use of your hands. Whether for light training, or extensive workout, your hands are almost always needed at some point. Some instances having a poor grip can negatively affect the outcome of your training. Take lifting weights, for example, if you do not have a proper hold on the exercise tool you’re using, there is a risk of uneven muscle development or worse, it may lead to injury and property damage. 

This is where a simple piece of fitness accessory like the liquid chalk (gym) comes in handy. They provide the leverage that you need to further enhance the quality of your grip without sacrificing the outcome that you desire in any way. They are relatively safe, easy to apply, and can be easily stored. 

There was a time when chalk liquid is virtually unknown in the world of fitness and sports. Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes use traditional dry chalk in their training activities. However, nowadays, the liquid chalk is slowly replacing the role of the conventional dry chalk in home gyms. Their ability to disinfect and provide a good grip skyrocketed their popularity. 

Perhaps their most significant advantage over the dry chalk block is that they last longer. They outperform other types in more ways than one. Home Fitness Equipment offers the latest incarnation of the liquid chalk, brought to you by the best brands from all over the world. So, if you’re ready to enhance your overall performance, visit our website and order the best liquid chalk available online today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is liquid chalk?

Liquid chalk is a piece of fitness accessory that is made out of chalk liquid mixtures that also includes other substances like magnesium carbonate, colophony, and alcohol or ethanol. Some manufactures add aroma to counter the natural scent of the chalk liquid mix.

The liquid chalk is mostly used in weightlifting exercises or indoor wall climbing. They provide better grip and stability for those who train with these physical activities. However, other sports like basketball also uses liquid chalks for better ball handling. 

What are the types of liquid chalk?

Liquid chalk has three major types:

The Tacky Type

This type of chalk liquid includes some form of substance that has a certain level of tackiness to improve performance. They still have the magnesium carbonate as one of the most common components, however, to add the tackiness, the resin is added to reduce the slippery feeling when the liquid chalk absorbs moisture from sweat from your hands.

Non-Alcohol Chalk Liquid Type

This type of liquid chalk is ideal for individuals who have sensitive skin. They provide the same benefits that the tacky type liquid chalk offers but is gentler on the skin.

Alcohol-Based Chalk Liquid Type

Depending on the alcohol contents, this type of liquid chalk absorbs liquid more effectively than the other types.

Alcohol by nature, absorbs liquid faster and evaporates quickly. This effect makes your hands drier in more extended periods. And, as an added benefit, they sanitise and disinfect your hands as well. 

What are the benefits of using liquid chalk?

Let’s talk about the benefits of using liquid chalks in detail.

  • Sweat absorption. Chalk liquid is the ideal substance to absorb sweat in your palms while exercising. Whether you are training with light exercises using hand weights or lifting heavier loads for a weightlifting competition, applying liquid chalk on your hands helps secure your grip and enhance your performance. Be sure to use them before you start these kinds of training.
  • Lift heavier loads. Keeping your palms free of sweat allows you to lift longer and with heavier loads. A dry hand tires longer because your fingers are correctly aligned with the appropriate position when lifting weights. 
  • Reduce the risks of injuries. Another great benefit of using liquid chalks is the protection it creates for your hands. It makes some kind of protective layer that prevents tears and blisters caused by repetitive exercises. We highly recommend that you apply chalk liquid on each session to keep your palms dry and injury-free
  • Protects your body posture. When you lose your grip while lifting weights, your body compensates to make sure that you can still keep holding the weight. Instead of your muscles, your joints absorb all the pressure. Too much of this activity can cause severe damage to your body and may have adverse effects on your form and posture. You can avoid this by only applying chalk liquid on your palms.

Why should I buy from Home Fitness Equipment?

Because we, at Home Fitness Equipment, promise to deliver the best fitness accessories that you’ll ever encounter in Australia. The best liquid chalk manufacturers make all our products all over the world. We are partnered with the most trusted brands in the world of health and fitness. Not only that, the prices of all our products are affordable with a flexible payment option. We are after your health, not your money.

What’s more, is that we have the widest selection of liquid chalks for you to choose from available in our online shop. We also guarantee a secure online transaction to protect your accounts at all times. We deliver all over Australia with the help of the most reliable courier companies in the country. And, finally, we are always prepared to meet all your demands the best way we could. So, if you want to improve your grip and enhance your exercise capabilities, visit our online shop today and buy the best liquid chalk ever. Enjoy shopping!