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Buy A Massage Ball to Keep Sore Muscles Away!

Exercise makes you happy by releasing chemicals called endorphins from your brain. But muscle soreness and stiffness due to excessive and lack of physical activity would surely give you the feeling opposite of happiness. Whether you are an athlete or just a regular gym guy, some inevitable movements during a workout could trigger pain and tension. Muscle stiffness and muscle knots often arise due to excessive muscle exertion. These pains and constraints limit the action needed for the optimal performance of the routines. And with the pain and stiffness, it is advisable to halt the practice for a while. Get back to the gym in no time and address muscle discomforts effectively with massage balls. Massage balls, when used correctly, ease tension and stiffness. Choosing the correct massage balls to use is crucial to trigger the right muscle group.

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People with a sedentary lifestyle are also victims of muscle stiffness and tension. Multiple occupations present an ergonomic hazard. Whether you work in the office, are a dental hygienist, or a full-time student, sitting still for a long time strains the shoulder and back muscle. Ergonomic hazard produces skeletal and muscular problems and could get worse with age. Massage balls are effective in targeting pain points, reducing stiffness, and addressing muscle knots. Massage and acupuncture are as effective in addressing muscle and joint pains. However, the cost and the inconvenience of these therapies are a limiting factor to many. Build a massage set-up and devise your massage patterns to loosen and relax the tensed muscles. Get creative with choosing different massage balls to target multiple muscle groups or body parts. Home Fitness Equipment offers a wide variety of massage balls to fit your needs. We are always ready to help you in finding the perfect set of balls for your massage therapy. We provide home gym equipment and fitness accessories worldwide. We aim to serve our customers better by providing universal service with deliveries and online stores. Get in touch with us, and we will make arrangements to deliver your chosen massage balls from Australia to your doorstep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Body Areas do the Massage Ball Target?

Due to the variations in sizes and surface features of massage balls, it is easier to trigger pain relief and address muscle stiffness using this gym accessory. Apply acupressure to relax your muscles with a massage ball in these multiple muscle groups of the following body parts:

  • Neck. Place the ball below your skull and above the neck area. Keep the ball steady while moving your head from side to side.
  • Shoulders. Release shoulder tension by rolling a massage ball below your shoulder and across the floor or wall. Apply more pressure by stressing your weight on the ball. Move the ball in small circular motions targeting stiffness.
  • Upper and lower back. Alleviate back pain by rolling the massage all between your back and a floor or wall. Roll the ball across your back while reducing pressure on the spinal area.
  • Thighs or upper legs. Place the ball below your hamstrings. Keep the ball rolling by moving your hips side to side. Let your arm support your weight and keep your elbows straight. Relieve pain by making sure to target the tissues surrounding the muscle.
  • Calves. Roll the massage ball underneath each of your calves. Move your butt to and fro to keep the ball rolling up and down. Target more muscles around the calf by rotating your leg left and right.
  • Hips. Lie on your side and position the massage ball behind the target hip. Soothe the muscle by moving the hips around. Support your body weight by keeping one arm on your side and the other in front.
  • Feet. Release the tension from tight arches by rolling the ball between the floor and the sole of your feet. Apply enough pressure while moving the ball and slowly increase the pressure over time. The higher the pressure, the better results. 


Knowing where to apply deep tissue treatment and the right pressure is just a part of massage therapy.

What are the Benefits of using a Massage Ball?
 Aside from the efficiency that the massage ball offers to alleviate muscle pains and remedy muscle knots, it also develops flexibility and helps improve blood circulation. Massage balls relieve tension and stress by reaching areas that are not easily accessible by your hand. Improve blood flow through the use of massage balls. The massage ball triggers movements to different muscles on the body. Muscles often develop fatigue when in a constant position for too long. It improves blood circulation through the pressure applied. Massage balls also promote flexibility by targeting the tightness in the tendons, fascia, and ligaments. The shift among the level of hardness of the massage balls also improves the ability to sustain injurious activities. Achieve tranquillity and calmness in the absence of bothering muscle sores and pains. Get creative with creating your massage therapy techniques.


What are the Different Variations in a Massage Ball?

The determining factor of achieving the optimum effects of a massage ball lies in choosing the product itself. Ensure responsive surface targeting of muscles to trigger pain relief effectively. Knowing the features of different massage ball variations allows you to assess which particulars will be helpful for your massage needs. The following are some of the many variations you can do on a massage ball:

  • Size. You should match the size of the massage balls with the target body part. With the right proportions of the massage ball, you can relieve the pain and soreness from tissues. If you want to target the extremities like the hands, forearms, and feet, then you should choose smaller versions of a massage ball like a Lacrosse or a golf ball. 
  • Weight. Consider the weight of the ball if you aim for a more stable massager. The lighter the ball is, the more likely it is to shift and stir when you put it on a body surface. At Home Fitness Equipment, we offer both solid and inflatable massage balls. 
  • Surface. Our massage balls have multiple surface variations. You can either choose from smooth, rough, dimpled, or with protrusions. A smooth-surfaced massage ball is effective in controlling the movement of the ball. Other ball variations may easily slip or be challenging to navigate when you roll on it. Some balls are spiky or with protrusions to be efficient in supplying pressure even to deep muscle and tissues. We have other massage balls with a bump that are still accurate in targeting trigger points and can act as a roller to ease pains on the body surface.
  • Hardness. Not to be confused with weight, the hardness of the ball refers to the surface of the ball. This characteristic of a massage ball is also a factor in how the ball deforms under pressure. A hollow ball can have a hard surface, and in return, a heavier ball can have a soft texture. The hardness of the balls affects the various body parts differently. Consider the sensitivity of your tissues when choosing a massage ball. You would not want to roll a hardball on injured tissues or parts that bruise easily.


The success in choosing an effective massage ball lies with you and your chosen provider for the equipment. Choose a provider that hears your concerns and meets your needs. Trust that Home Fitness Equipment can give you that, and more. At Home Fitness Equipment, our staff can make sure that our products meet your expectations. We can provide adjustments and customisations to help you in reaching your goals. Our team members are all well-rounded in assessing your needs and giving critical features for products with multiple variations like a massage ball.