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Add New Dimension To Your Workout Routine With A Medicine Ball!

Engage in a new style of workout with medicine balls. Ideal for throwing exercises, a medicine ball is also efficient when doing routines with family or friends. Enhance body coordination and stamina by shifting to various weights available in a medicine ball. Reduce body fat and augment muscle power with gym equipment that increases the intensity and difficulty of the workout.

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Medicine balls are efficient gym equipment when you want to improve stamina and resistance. With an added weight, a medicine ball is comparable to dumbbells and barbells. Routine with medicine balls is a good starting point on endurance training.  Let Home Fitness Equipment show you the different options you can choose from and the importance of having a medicine ball in your home gym.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of a Medicine Ball?

The medicine ball is not only for those who want to increase their muscle size and strength. It is for everybody. The medicine balls have various weights, so you do not have to risk straining your muscles on the first try. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a new face on the gym, a medicine ball should be the first item on your must-try list, and these are the reasons why:

  • Improved coordination. The body needs to work on the connection between the muscles and their interrelatedness to keep the posture while doing exercises with medicine balls. With the added weight on each ball, medicine balls develop the coordination to pull off every movement in a routine flawlessly. 
  • Gain balance. Just like any other balls in the gym, the unstable surface of the medicine ball is also an ideal tool to promote balance. Engage more muscles with a medicine ball by challenging your stability when doing your regular exercise. The muscles you work on to keep your balance are also the same muscles that support a good posture. Achieve holistic improvement in your life with a strong stance and poise developed through medicine ball exercises.
  • Boost power. The plyometric nature of the medicine balls allows you to establish a strong push and force. Plyometric exercises help the muscle to store a more tremendous amount of energy and release greater power during muscle contraction. With a medicine ball, you can improve the overall capacity of your muscles and improve your strength limit. These weighted balls also improve core strength during lifts and lounges.
  • Enhance bodybuilding. The effort need to lift and balance medicine balls is an excellent technique to increase the size of multiple muscle groups. If having stone-hard abs or abdominal muscles is one of your fitness goals, then you should consider adding medicine balls into your routine. Aside from the abs, you can also bulk your hamstrings and glutes by your regular squats with medicine balls.
  • Promote rehabilitation. Medicine balls can be used to regain the force and endurance of the muscles lost during injuries. Physical therapy and rehabilitation centres usually make use of these weighted balls to improve the muscle response of the patients. Usually, the patient starts on lightweight balls then gradually shifts to heavier balls on the course of the treatment. 
  • Optimal Fitness. Medicine balls help you to achieve a different level of fitness. With a medicine ball, you can improve a better sense of awareness, speed, and accuracy. Do more exercise variations using a medicine ball with your gym buddies to develop teamwork and camaraderie. With its versatility to be incorporated into multiple routines, this proves that a medicine ball boosts not only your physical strength but also your mental health.


With its versatility, convenience, and various weights, medicine balls are considered an excellent workout device. Include a medicine ball on your routines and smoothly reap the benefits with every twist and lunge.



What are the Target Muscles of the Medicine Ball Exercises?

Get the most out of your workout with a medicine ball. Double the benefits of your training by raising its intensity and challenge. Achieve your goals by targeting the correct muscle group on your workouts. Here are sample steps you can practice with a medicine ball:

Abs. As already known, through mustering core strength, the medicine balls tone and firm the abdominal muscles. 

  • Overhead slams
  • Medicine ball crunches
  • Russian twists with a medicine ball
  • Sit-ups

Hips and Legs. With the weighted feature of medicine balls, you can level up the regular squats to tighten and engage your hamstrings, glutes, and calves. 

  • Burpees
  • Squats

Arms and Shoulders. Achieve a forceful push and explosive arm strength with a medicine ball. Spice up your usual upper body workout with weighted balls to give more tension and improve resistance. Medicine balls are cheaper but just as effective when you want to venture on the different variations of presses. 

  • Shoulder Presses
  • Arm extensions

Chest and Back. Burn fat and retain lean muscle while doing exercises with a medicine ball. Improve stamina by incorporating massive equipment to the already tricky sets like a push-up.

  • Superman training
  • Push-ups


The key to maximising the effect of a medicine ball is the correct implementation of the ball and the proper executions of the steps.


What are the Differences between a Fitness ball, Slam ball, and Medicine ball?

Before you go to ball crazy routines, you must know which ball is best suited for your workout. Although they are almost similar to each other, there are many vital factors you must consider before buying one. Here is the difference between a medicine ball with other balls also used in the gym:

  • Medicine ball. This is the best option if you want to do a series of throwing exercises. Compared to the other weighted ball, the medicine ball has an evenly distributed weight which is ideal for throwing at a distance. It is also easier to manage since medicine balls are small so the hand can easily grip and hold the ball.
  • Slam ball. This is often interchanged and confused with the medicine ball. The slam ball has a thicker and stronger surface to endure the high impact during slam exercises. With its sturdy covering, it can sustain the high-velocity impact even when thrown on rough surfaces. The weight of the slam ball prevents it from bouncing back, so you can practice solid throws.
  • Wall ball. This is the largest of the weighted gym balls. Since it cannot sustain the impact on the rougher surface, it only enables throwing exercises against a wall. With its durable shells, it can maintain its shape well. Workouts such as crunch throws and side throws utilise a wall ball. 

Although the balls are interchangeable between exercises, knowing the limitations and the features of each allows you to find the most suitable equipment for your needs.

How to choose the right Medicine Ball?

Medicine balls are game-changers when it comes to strength and stamina activities. But only using the right type will be optimal for your goals. As you know, medicine balls come in various weights. But there is also a wide variation in their sizes and shapes. Here are the factors you should consider when buying a medicine ball:

  • Weight. Lighter balls are an excellent tool to boost speed while more massive balls improve power and strength. Whether it is endurance, strength, or speed, you need to utilise the correct load to use. Keep in mind that heavy medicine balls should develop strength and endurance but should restrict your movement, speed, reflexes, and agility.
  • Size. The dimension of the medicine balls does not correspond to its weight. There are small and heavy ones, while others can be bigger and lighter. 
  • Shape. There are medicine balls with different forms to use on sports-specific drills. A medicine ball that is specific for sports training improves speed, strength, and stamina that are important in controlling the game. 
  • Surface. Most medicine balls are made of rubber or leather coverings. The rubber surface is ideal for training that includes throwing since it bounces off quickly. In contrast, medicine balls with rubber coverings are efficient on throw-and-catch exercises since its rough surface permits a firmer grip.
  • Other modifications. You might find medicine balls with handles or rope. A medicine ball can come with either one handle or two. This feature of the ball allows it to replace kettlebells or dumbbells. The string on some medicine balls is detachable to allow variations in routine. The rope attached is ideal during workouts to improve core muscle strength through rotational movements.

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