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During our entire lifetime, we spend a significant amount of time sleeping. You wouldn’t want to waste most of your time waking up in the middle of the night to fluff a pillow. More so, you wouldn’t want to avoid applying pain-relief patches in the morning because of poor sleep. Save a trip to the chiropractor and ensure a comfortable and cozy nap time with a memory foam pillow to support your head and neck. Regardless of whatever kind of sleeper you are, the memory foam pillow can contour to your head and neck to provide the right loft and spring back to its original form after use. With its versatile nature, “cradling ” effect, and long-lasting functionality, the memory foam pillow will give you more comfort than your best pair of pyjamas. Get your memory foam pillow from Home Fitness Equipment and receive the best deal for memory foam pillow for sale across the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Pillow?

Although memory foam pillows cost more than your regular ones, the benefits you can receive from using this specialised foam pillow surpass the investment you made. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper, the memory foam conforms to whatever position you are most comfortable with when sleeping. Make sure to look for the following benefits with your memory foam pillow:


  • Flexible and Durable. Regular mattresses and pillows often fail to retain their original shape. Sunken areas often develop after the extended use of traditional pillows. With a memory foam pillow, you can get the best of your sleep with its ability to sustain pressure and return to its initial state after use. The flexibility of the memory foam is dependent on its firmness. Side sleepers usually prefer soft pillows over firm ones to have lofter sides. 
  • No More Morning Pains. The memory foam pillow will target pain and pressure points on your head and neck while sleeping. Unlike the regular pillow, the memory foam can adjust and mould to the areas where pressure is needed. Prevent tossing and turning during sleep with a pillow that is well-adjusted to your needs. The memory foam will provide resistance equal to what your head and neck produce when lying down. With foam pillows, there is no more waking up in the middle of the night just to adjust and reshape the pillow. 
  • Maintain Good Posture. Prevent chronic pains and postural problems with memory foam. The foam pillow can mould to your head and neck while sleeping and maintain proper posture and spine alignment throughout the night. The different types of foam pillows like the Contoured Memory Foam Pillow supports good posture through its ridges. Match your soft bed with a foam pillow that adjusts to your head and neck positions when sleeping to get a better hold of every dreamy night.
  • Comfort On A Different Level. The multiple variations of foam pillows allow everybody to select and find their own kind of foam pillow. There are foam pillows with infused aloe vera, charcoal, lavender, and essential oils. These add-ons help in reducing stress and relieving anxiety for better sleep. While copper and gel-infused foam pillows provide soothe and relaxation, especially to the sweaty sleepers, through their cooling effect. With foam pillows, even the night owls would want to go to sleep early.

What are the Uses of Memory Foam?

You might have heard about the magnificence of memory foam in shoe insoles. The memory foam forms and contours following the pressure or heat present on the surface. This capacity of the memory foam to match and compliment the tension against it makes an excellent support for the body. After coping with an external force, the memory foam also springs back to its original form. The memory foam serves multiple purposes in different settings, such as:


  • Medical. Various hospital equipment pieces incorporate memory foam to prevent the risk of developing sores on immobile patients from prolonged contact with pressure. Memory foam pillow and mattress helps ease the discomfort for patients with movement restrictions. The memory foam has a heat-retaining capacity that allows patients to manage pain more efficiently.
  • Aeronautics. NASA first developed the memory foam to serve as a cushion to minimise shock during collision and impact. 
  • Sports. The memory foam can readily mould into the body surface with the presence of pressure and heat. This capacity makes the memory foam ideal insulation for sports gears and suits. 
  • Domestic. Sleeping mattresses, beddings, and even pillowcases are known for incorporating memory foam to achieve better sleep. Wrong sleeping positions can lead to neck pains and muscular strain. The Memory foam pillow helps to maintain a proper posture and prevent injuries by keeping the backbone aligned.


The continuous innovations of the memory foam make it versatile and useful in different fields. From wheelchairs and aircraft to foam pillow, memory foam could be the most remarkable development yet.

What are the Types of Foam Pillows?

The polyurethane material used to create memory foam is the secret for its high viscosity and elasticity. Hence, memory foam is also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The memory foam can take up force, and weight transfers efficiently. This feature of the memory foam paved the way for the development of a foam pillow. The foam pillow has numerous types:

  • Traditional Foam Pillow. The solid foam pillow has a memory foam core that moulds and compresses in coordination when sleeping. The memory foam content has good support making it firm and stable, which prevents loft. Pillow loft is the increase in the height of the pillow. This case often occurs when shifting from one side to the other. However, the traditional foam pillow helps the side sleepers who prefer lofts.
  • Contoured Memory Foam Pillow. Much like the traditional type of foam pillow, the contoured memory foam pillow preserves heat with excellent base support. However, this type of foam pillow has ridges on both ends of the pillow. The edges create an indented portion in the middle for your head. The smart design of the contoured memory pillow emulates the proper positioning of the head and spine. The contoured memory foam pillow provides stable support for the neck and stimulates appropriate alignment of the spine.
  • Shredded Foam Pillow. This type of foam pillow has memory foam into pieces that compress individually. This feature of the shredded foam pillow allows you to adjust the firmness and height according to your preference. Even with a thick pillowcase, this memory foam pillow is more breathable compared to the solid type.
  • Natural Foam Pillow. The natural foam pillow is almost similar to a traditional type of foam pillow, with only a difference in the material source. The memory foam used in this foam pillow comes from natural resources. If you prefer eco-friendly and organic materials, the natural foam pillow will connect you with nature even when sleeping. The natural source also makes this type of memory foam pillow a better cooling effect and sturdy support.
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam. The regular memory foam naturally retains the heat from the contact. This memory foam pillow has new and improvised memory foam. The breathability of the cooling gel memory foam improves by infusing gel particles into the primary material. Due to less heat-retention, moisture absorbing or cooling pillowcase often comes with this memory foam pillow. The cooling gel of this foam pillow type addresses the heat-retaining feature of the traditional memory foam pillow, which seems to be a problem to many. 
  • Multi-foam Memory Foam Pillow. This foam pillow addresses the common drawback in a memory foam pillow. As the name implies, the multi-foam memory foam pillow consists of different types of memory foams. The various memory foam types used reduces temperature absorbed and prevents sinking on the pad when sleeping. 


With the different memory foam pillows, you prevent waking up feeling tired. No one likes interrupted sleeping much less than pain necks in the morning. Hence, to provide people with a quality and comfortable sleep, innovations and tricks are made to innovate the regular memory foam pillows. So, regardless if you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, everyone benefits from the comfort and versatility of the different foam pillows.