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Plyo Box: the Key to Jumpstarting to your Fitness Goal

Who knew that stepping on and off a platform is all you need to rev up your workouts. A Plyo Box will do just that. Coined from plyometrics training, which it is classified, the plyo boxes are an easy way to strengthen your upper body and give your lower limbs explosive ability. By quickly lifting yourself on the box, your leg muscles start to rapidly stretch followed by its immediate shrinking. This action gives tension to your muscles and releases the stored energy within it, recruiting your muscles to work for you. Plyo boxes are a great addition to your home gym equipment considering its simplicity and versatility. You can never be wrong with it so purchase one now at Home Fitness Equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plyo Box made of?

A plyometric box or plyo box for short can be wooden or made of steel with foam and non-slip base and platforms. They come to your doorstep as unassembled box sides. Of course, who wouldn’t know how to assemble a box? So when you purchase one, you can almost instantly have a play with it. Plyo boxes also have modified versions such as the Plyo platform, where instead of a box, a stack of steel or non-slip platforms shaped like a stool with a closed base is used. The advantage of this is you can have at least 3 to 5 platforms with varying heights and can be stored by just stacking those platforms in a corner. You can also build your own plyo box as a DIY project but it’s safer to use an expertly made one.

Why should I workout with Plyometric Boxes?

Plyometric boxes truly enhance your body physically and mentally. The sudden bursts of actions employed in plyometrics training with a plyo box are the key to the development of our muscles as well as our mental health. Let’s explore some of the benefits that a plyometric box can bestow upon us.

Enhanced Speed and Strength

Plyo movements are explosive, meaning you exert a lot of force in a short amount of time. This helps your arm and leg muscles gain a lot of strength. The plyometric activity spurs our neurons to send signals that change the elastic capability of our muscles. It is then able to stretch and contract rapidly. When enough force is applied to the stretch, your muscle will contract with more force. Just imagine how an elastic band stretches and comes back to its original form with a considerable amount of force. That is what happens to our muscles when exercising with a plyometric box. With consistent practice, our muscles develop strength and speed like no other. Not like Superman, of course.

Increased Endurance

Endurance, in layman’s term, is our ability to last longer in maintaining high-intensity movements without losing its quality. Plyometric box exercises are great with teaching you to produce more force while spending less energy in doing it. This allows you to perform plyo exercises longer and still exert that much force as you did when you first performed the exercise. That’s the beauty of exercising with a plyometric box, it is not too exhaustive to both your heart and lungs as well as your muscles enabling you to do more of the plyo activity and gain more strength and power. This is why it is very suitable for cardio conditioning workout.

Burns Calories

Burning calories is a feature of any aerobic workout, be it running, jogging, or cycling. But these training are too taxing to your body that you don’t last long doing it. As for performing box jumping in a plyo box, your body builds endurance and strength faster than any aerobic exercise. This permits you to do more of the box jumping and stay longer in it, which in turn burns more calories and heightens its afterburning effect. It greatly enhances your metabolism and lets your body shed those excess fats effectively and at a faster rate.

Stronger Bones

Plyometric boxes when used satisfactorily will not just enhance your muscle strength but also your bones. It has been proven by research that plyometrics training done on plyo boxes results in an increase in bone density. This is because our bones also adapt to the growth of our muscles. The more muscles you grow, the denser your bones should be. This is important when you’re nearing your thirties as bone density decreases by 1 to 2 percent each year. Developing more bone density before the age of thinning will lower your risk of acquiring osteoporosis.

Enhanced Cardio

Since training done on plyometric boxes is very dynamic and forces all of your body to work, plyo activities demand more oxygen from your heart. It trains your heart and lungs to utilize more oxygen and pump blood more efficiently to all parts of your body. Proper and efficient blood circulation has a multitude of benefits including lowering your blood pressure, maintaining the proper function of your organs as well as your muscles, and efficient immune system to fight off diseases and sickness.

How can I use the Plyo boxes safely?

As simple as plyometric boxes are, you can still get injured with them if you are not careful. Plus the dynamic exercises you do with a plyo box have a tendency for an accident when you are not performing it properly. Here are some tips to ensure your safety when doing plyometrics training in a plyo box.

Good Posture and Proper Form is the Key

Your hip flexor muscle can get extra pounding when you workout with a plyo box, and it can be a big discomfort. You can avoid this by executing the plyo exercises in the right form and with proper posture. Always stand up straight and align your knees to the upper body. When you step up the boxes, make sure that you have enough legroom between you and box to do the exercise and ensure that you won’t topple over or overextend your step that it would be on the other side of it. Also, never extend your thighs to the point that it sends pain through it.

Slow and steady wins the race

Of course, stepping on plyometric boxes shouldn’t feel like you’re a tortoise climbing your way up to the beach but perform the plyo exercise with enough force to enable your muscles to recoil harder. Also, step up and down the plyometric box in rhythmic succession. Perform every full cycle of the exercise in equal intervals. And don’t attempt to make it quicker than you can follow. Warm-up, pick up the pace as you get stronger and have more control of the plyo exercise.

Ask Advice from a fitness trainer

It’s never bad to ask for assistance when you know you need it. Since plyo box exercises are very dynamic and can put more than enough stress to your joints, please seek the advice of your trainer as well as your chiropractor if plyometric box training is right for you. Also, if you know you have heart problems or any medical condition that might hinder you to put too much strain on your body, seek approval from your medical doctor first. Don’t ever try something new when you don’t fully understand the consequences.

What are my choices in Plyometric Boxes?

3n1 Wood Plyo Box

The 3n1 Wood Plyo Box is very suitable for people who do CrossFit training. Large plyo boxes typically come in 20”x24”x30” sizes. Its size makes the 3n1 wood plyo box a very versatile fitness equipment as it makes the plyo exercise more challenging with the available larger size. 3n1 plyometric boxes are your classic plyo boxes in fitness studios and are a great option for home and garage gyms.

Standard Wood Plyo Box

The standard wood plyometric boxes are best suited for cardio training as its shape is more stable than the 3n1 wood plyo boxes. They are more secure due to its wider base and a better option for rhythmic jumps at a fast pace.

Stackable Wood Plyo Box

Stackable wood plyo boxes are another great option for jumps workout as it allows for adjustable heights that can aid you to gradually increase your vertical leap and power. Increase in height means increase in your performance. Plus a stackable wood plyo boxes don’t take up too much space. One tip, purchase it as unassembled pieces so you can save on its shipping cost.

Stackable Steel Plyometric Boxes

The stackable steel plyo box is one of the best options for standard plyometric training. The stackable boxes come in different sizes that allows for adjustable levels in your plyometric training. As the height plyo box height increases, so does the level of challenge in your training. A steel plyo box has a foam stuck to its platform that makes it safe and more durable for jumps.

Stackable Soft Plyo Box

The stackable soft plyometric boxes are a great option for those who are avoiding any bruises on your knees or other parts of your body, it has soft edges which prevent you from injuring yourself when doing your plyometric workout. Just make sure that you are placing it in a stable space.