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Bring Power To Your Home Gym By Adding A Power Tower!

Are you aiming to strengthen your abs, chest, biceps, and triceps? A power tower sounds like the perfect addition to your home gym. It is a multi-purpose home gym equipment that can give your upper body the workout it needs. This ultimate home gym equipment is suitable for your bodyweight training. It is custom-built to feature different workout stations including a knee raise station, a calf raise station, a multi-grip pull-up station, a dip station, and a push-up station. Plus, it is storage-friendly. The power tower can bring out the best in your workout space because of its mobility. You will be able to work your entire upper body in one compact piece of high-quality equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Power Tower?

A power tower is a piece of fitness equipment fit for bodyweight training by combining the horizontal and parallel bars. It has four essential and optimisable features for more versatility. Often, the design is modified, and customisations are available to maximise its potentials such as additional handles that can be used for push-ups or for hanging a punching bag, the inclusion of a bench to allow bench press exercises.

As a piece of all-around equipment, the power tower also comes in compact sizes which makes it the best solution if you are looking for equipment that would fit around a limited space. Some of you might have noticed that the power tower is often present at most gyms, regardless if it is a public gym or a home gym. A power tower is commonly purchased because it is useful for both beginners and professionals. Simply put, it is simple, flexible, and easy to use.

What Muscles can you Train with a Power Tower?

Typically, the power tower has four essential features. With a variety of stations and positions, you can efficiently strengthen your entire upper body area using this machine. A workout routine using a power tower activates all of the upper body muscle groups: back, shoulders, pectorals, triceps, biceps, and core muscles. You can perform several bodyweight exercises with a power tower that usually includes the following top features:

  • Pull-up station (pronated grip) 

The pull-up station comes with grips that are pronated and padded, which allows you to stay comfortable while you work on your biceps and forearms efficiently. The station will enable you to perform movements that can boost your upper body, pulling strength very efficiently.

  • Dip station 

The dip station helps build rapid results across your pectoral muscles, triceps, shoulders, back, and core for incredible upper body strength.

  • Vertical knee raise station

With the vertical knee-raise (VKR) station, you can isolate your core. It is an excellent alternative to include ab workout routines while improving the levels of your upper body strength.

  • Push up station

The push-up station can help you to work on your shoulders, biceps, and core. Use the push-up station at the base to decrease joint stress and tension or to target muscle groups that will increase your upper body strength.

What Additional Features can I Include in my Power Tower?

If the basic features of the power tower do not leave you satisfied, there are still plenty of additional options that you can include to improve the versatility of your equipment. For this purpose, you can customise your power tower to fit muscle stabilisers, make the handles movable, adjustable height, additional rails, or the possibility to switch between different grips. Cushions can also be modified to suit your needs for added comfort when exercising.

How do I Use a Power Tower?

Using a power tower is very easy and setting up is not complicated. The structure itself can easily give away its functions. However, it is still essential that you know the essential features that are present, commonly known as “stations”.

The horizontal bar, which can be positioned either on the reverse or the side, is what we call as the pull-up station. The pull-up station allows you to perform pull-ups, targeting your biceps and forearms. It usually comes with handles or grips that are non-slip so you can be more comfortable while doing your exercises. You can also modify the station itself by adjusting the distance between your hands. This way, you can target the particular muscle group you are planning to improve on. The bars adjacent to the board are where you perform dips, which is why it is called the dip station. For the vertical knee raise station, you can rest your back on the board itself and place your arms in the unique armrests. Doing a standing knee raise exercise can help in improving your abdominal muscles. The last essential feature is the push-up station. The bars located at the bottom part of the power tower allows you to perform push-ups. Additional grips on the handles are also available to prevent slipping. The low handlebars enable a full range of motion so that your muscles can get stimulated better.

Do you have any Tips when Using a Power Tower?
If you are an absolute beginner, performing the exercises correctly and achieving the optimal reps can be a bit difficult. If that is the case, you can try using additional bands or sling straps that may help in keeping you on track. However, the power tower can be too easy for gym enthusiasts. You can level up your routine by adding different weights such as ankle weights, weight belts, or weight vests. These weights can add extra resistance to your workouts.

What are the Factors I should Consider when Selecting a Power Tower?

Having a power tower at home is beneficial. In choosing a quality power tower, you should not just only look at the price tag. It is essential to pay attention to several factors to get the equipment that will suit you best. The main thing you should consider when selecting the right equipment is its features and whether those features will help you to reach your fitness goals.

You must buy a well-built power tower unit which will practically last for almost a lifetime and will allow you to perform at most all of the resistance workouts. These include the basic features which are dips, pull-ups, push-ups, and vertical knee raises. It is essential to find a unit that consists of the following:

  • Consider looking for a pull-up station with a multi-grip feature that has a complete bar that can extend and adjust well across on either side. Movable handlebars will allow you to vary the width of the handlebars so you can perform various exercises with different muscle groups.
  • Push-up stations should be practical but straightforward. The placement of the handles of push-up stations is at the base of the power tower, so it is optimal to find one with additional paddings or grips which will allow you to perform deep and intense push-ups. Switching from pull-ups and dropping down to pump for push-ups is recommended by trainers to blast your upper body.
  • Be sure to check if the vertical knee raise station has a padded back and armrest. These can help you to remain comfortable when you lift your knees to your chest and stay supported when working your abs and core.
  • Dip stations should be sturdy enough to carry your whole weight. Performing dip exercises will strengthen, stretch, and open your chest as well as build your triceps.

Where can I Get the Best Power Tower in Australia?

Deciding which equipment to buy can be quite hard, but Home Fitness Equipment is here to help and guide you before making your purchase. You can chat with one of our fitness equipment specialists so we can provide recommendations of which power tower can cater to your needs. You can also browse through our website for the full range of available power towers.

We offer only the best power towers that would help you achieve better workouts designed for your upper body. Reach the performance gains you need, tone and tighten your abs, and add definition to complete the look that comes from an authentic fitness regime.  

Whether you need a power tower for your business or home gym in Australia, Home Fitness Equipment is ready to serve you with only the highest quality of equipment. Our power towers are built and made with high-quality materials that can support even the most challenging workout to help you transform your body to perfection. Get ready for the challenge and achieve the upper body fitness that you’ve always wanted!