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Resistance Bands Versatility at its Greatest!

Spice up your ordinary home workout routine with the help of the best resistance bands in Australia today and achieve a full-body workout with this excellent exercise equipment. Home Fitness Equipment is the premier authority when it comes to home gym resistance bands and other fitness accessories. We have all the essentials in home gym equipment and more. Get a complete work out and start feeling the positive health benefits that only the finest resistance bands can offer. Only available from Home Fitness Equipment online.

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At first glance, resistance bands may look like an ordinary piece of elastic rope with handles. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of how they look. There are more to resistance bands that meet the eye. Resistance bands offer a wide range of exercise techniques that you can perform with. They can help you focus on upper body muscles, midsection, and lower body muscles as well. There are a lot of variations that you can do in just a single piece of fitness equipment. Not many exercise tools are capable of providing that, making resistance bands undeniably one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment. 

You will find resistance bands in most home gyms not only in Australia but all over the world. They’re durable, widely available, ergonomic, and inexpensive. They are also one of those exercise tools that provide a low-impact training with high rewards. Fitness fanatics utilise resistance bands in their daily practice as well as individuals who need rehabilitation activities from stroke recovery and post-surgery activities. 

Home Fitness Equipment encourages you to take advantage of the benefits you can achieve by adding resistance bands exercises in your daily training sessions. We are here to meet your demands wherever you are in the country and regardless of your fitness level. So get your resistance bands today by visiting our website and experience a one-of-a-kind online shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the resistance bands?
A resistance band is a piece of exercise equipment that is made of durable rubber to provide elasticity and is attached with high-quality plastic handles. They are widely considered to be the best tool for gradual muscle development for all levels of users. They are recommended in the sports and fitness world as well as in the medical field. Resistance bands are considered as a piece of essential exercise equipment suited for home gyms.

What are the types of resistance bands?

There are many types of resistance bands available on the online market. Though they look different from each other, they are all capable of providing the same versatility for users. Below is the list of the types of resistance bands:


  • Tube resistance bands. This type of resistance band is typically anchored to a bar or pole to simulate a machine exercise method. They have high-quality plastic as handles on both ends. Many consider this type as one of the most reliable types of resistance bands because of its durability, affordability and size. They are also an ideal substitute for a fly machine.
  • Power resistance bands. These bands are also known as loop bands. They look like a large and thick rubber band. The exercise techniques that you can perform with this type is virtually limitless. You can use them in stretching exercises for warm-ups and cooldown, and you can also incorporate free-weights training with them.
  • Figure-eight resistance bands. Figure-eight bands are designed to resemble the number eight thus the name implies. They have soft handles that provide safety and comfort. They are exceptionally durable, and they can offer a good challenge for all types of fitness levels.
  • Hip circle bands. These bands look similar to power resistance bands, albeit they are smaller. The strand is considerably smaller, and some models have fabric handles.
  • Therapy resistance bands. These type of resistance bands are the longest among the other classes and thinnest. Its design doesn’t allow it to loop. They are typically used in rehabilitation activities and can be combined with Yoga and Pilates practices.

What are the benefits of resistance bands?

Aside from being versatile and ergonomic, here are the benefits that you can gain from using resistance bands:


  • Provides cost-effective training. You can buy individual pieces or a full set. Whichever you choose, they are inexpensive and highly durable.
  • Ideal for all fitness levels. The combination of multiple resistance levels, and it how easy you can use them, makes resistance bands the perfect tool for everyone.
  • Enhance regular exercises. Resistance bands workout can be incorporated into multiple exercise techniques to focus on muscles that are difficult to work on.
  • Full-body workout. Because of its ability to be used in almost all exercise techniques, resistance bands are efficient in providing full-body training.
  • Ergonomic design. The size and elasticity make it one of the most accessible exercise tools to store after use. They can fit in almost all small storage places or even inside a gym bag.

Why should I buy from Home Fitness Equipment?

Home Fitness Equipment has been in the online business of providing the best resistance bands for many years. Suffice to say; we are experts on the field. We know the dos and don’ts in every aspect of what we do. When it comes to resistance bands and other home gym equipment, we are more than capable of meeting your demands.

Here are the top reasons why you should let us help you with your fitness journey:

All our products are top-tier and highly durable. Our suppliers are the most trusted brand manufacturers from all over the world. We don’t settle for generic brands; what we offer is the best there is because that’s what you deserve. Our prices are affordable, and we provide a variable mode of payment for your convenience. Getting fit should not break your budget in any way. We have the most comprehensive selection of resistance bands in the online market today. Whatever your fitness level is, we guarantee that we have the right one for you. 

Our online store has the safest and most secure ordering system. Our web programmers are well equipped with the latest security systems to protect your transactions at all times. In addition to that, all orders are carefully verified to ensure that your purchase is correct and perfectly functional when delivered. And, speaking of delivery, we guarantee that our shipping and handling services are quick and hassle-free. We deliver all over the country without delay. Finally, we are customer-centred. What we hope to achieve is the improvement of your overall health and fitness, that is why we go through such lengths in providing you with the best service that we are capable of delivering. 

So, if you’ve decided to begin your journey to the road of fitness, please allow Home Fitness Equipment to accompany you every step of the way. Enjoy shopping!