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Have a Safe and Pain-Free Workout with RockTape® Australia

Enjoy RockTape® in Australia, a superior kinesiology tape designed to facilitate joint support and pain relief with. Manufactured in South Korea, RockTape® remains to be one of the leading brands of kinesiotapes with world-renowned quality. The brand has a good reputation for providing unique elasticity, stickier and stretchier tapes than its competitors. There is also a wide selection of colours and patterns that you can choose from to suit your attire and style.

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RockTape® offers several benefits from effectively treating minor injuries to preventing further damages from your tired muscles, without compromising your workouts. If you want to continue training, but your body tells you otherwise, RockTape® is your partner that will help you in accomplishing your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RockTape® Australia?

RockTape® is a premium kinesiology tape brand. It is a rehabilitative method that uses a taping technique that helps in facilitating a natural healing process within the body. The kinesiology tape also provides stability to refrain restrictions within the person’s range of motion. The soft tissues are manipulated, prolonging the benefits you get from manual therapy.

RockTape® has complete functionality and treats a variety of sports and non-sports related injuries. It is hypoallergenic and is safe to use by populations ranging from children to mature and seasoned gym-goers. It is also water-resistant, which means you can wear it for up to five days.

How Does RockTape® Work?

RockTape® uses a therapeutic taping method that offers support and rehabilitation upon the areas affected by a condition. During an injury, fluid and blood accumulates and causes inflammation and swelling within the region. The lymphatic vessels become compressed, preventing the necessary nutrients from being delivered in the affected areas. The kinesiology technique targets various receptors within the nervous system, specifically those that respond to the body’s changes. The cells are then encouraged to facilitate the movement of the lymph fluids around the area and promote drainage by lifting the skin from the tissues; this creates space after the accumulated fluids get dispersed, and restores blood flow, causing significant reduction upon the inflammation.

Here are some areas where a kinesiology tape is applied:

  • Back 
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Hamstrings
  • Shin area
  • Elbows
  • Wrists
  • Calves

What are the Benefits of Using RockTape®?

The primary feature of RockTape® focuses on circulation improvement, muscle support, and prevention of injuries. We have listed below the benefits you could get when using kinesiology tapes:

  • It significantly decreases pain and risk of other injuries.

Kinesiology tape disrupts the pain by gently applying pressure in the affected area. Placing a strip around your weak areas can significantly reduce the risk of having an injury or harming an existing injury.

  • It increases circulation, causing a reduction in inflammation.

The tape helps in removing congestion which encourages blood flow as well as circulation of the lymphatic fluids and oxygenated blood. Irritants and accumulated chemicals are also flushed out, which reduces inflammation in injured limbs or other areas of the body. This process reduces pain and speeds up recovery.

  • It improves posture and provides muscle support.

RockTape® corrects posture by taping areas that negatively influence the body’s position. Placement of the tape is usually in a traditional I-strip but sometimes with an X or Y formation. This strip formation provides additional support from injuries along the joints, ligaments, and tendons. The weak muscles are supplied with appropriate aid for it to function efficiently. The tape also assists in protection against over-extension, fatigue, and cramps

  • Physical performance is enhanced.

Since the tape supports unstable joints, you can keep up with your training and usual routines. You can prompt for a higher performance because of the pressure delivered to the muscles.

  • RockTape® is the more comfortable alternative to braces or wraps.

Wearing braces and wraps can be a little performance-limiting. Some of these devices may not fit correctly and may feel uncomfortable when worn because of their bulky feature. Not only that, having these devices worn at all times may inhibit you from continuing with your exercise routine. RockTape® is flexible and is less likely to limit your range of motion, making you comfortable to perform tasks you cannot do when you use other devices.

  • No dependence will happen.

Other assistive devices may lead to dependence, especially when in need of additional support and stability. However, with RockTape®’s highly flexible design, you don’t need to worry about being reliant on the device. RockTape® will not restrict your movements in any way, and you are independently capable of doing the things you do while training.

Who Can Use RockTape®?

RockTape® is safe to use and appropriate for all ages, from paediatric to geriatric. Anyone who is experiencing a variety of soft-tissue injuries or pain can use this. Listed below are some examples of when you can use kinesiology tape.


  • If you are working in industries that involve a lot of physical and hard labour, as well as repetitive movements such as construction workers, mechanics, miners, gardeners, and so on.
  • If you have a sedentary lifestyle, regularly remaining seated and working at a desk for long periods every day.
  • If you are an athlete or someone with a physically active lifestyle including basketball players, cyclists, runners, golfers, baseball players, and other sports-related activities as well as exercise and gym enthusiasts.
  • If you are suffering from bad posture, joint pain, poor sleeping habits, or the after-effects of the previously mentioned.
  • If you are experiencing any injuries on the muscle and tendon, for whatever reason.
  • If you are elderly, that has a degenerative joint disease.

What Can I Do with My Joint Issues and Muscle Pain?

Using kinesiology tape can significantly provide pain relief and joint support. It has been reported by experts to have a positive response to our body’s functions, specifically along with the lymphatic and circulatory system. Additionally, it diminishes discomfort from muscles and joints, as well as ligaments and tendons.

With years of clinical use, kinesiology tape is mainly applied to the patient depending on their needs after being adequately evaluated. The source of pain and other possible injuries are assessed, so that appropriate direction and amount of stretch are placed on the tape.

RockTape® can reduce pain and inflammation, regain and maximise your performance as well as preventing injuries while promoting good circulation that assists your body to heal naturally. You can place it in several hundreds of ways to be possibly applied. The most common strip arrangement reflects the I-shaped strips. However, you can also optimise using X-shaped and Y-shaped strips.

For more information, you may chat with us and send us your messages. We have experienced sales staff who can address your concerns and guide you through the process, so you’ll get enlightened about how to utilise this technique to aid your issues.

Where can I find RockTape® Australia for Sale?

Home Fitness Equipment proudly offers RockTape® Australia. This product is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional treatment that will surely help alleviate your pain and take you to a higher degree of joint support.


You may visit and browse through our website to know more. We are looking forward to helping you reach a better, pain-free lifestyle!