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Best Home Gym Rowing Machines to Rock your Body

Want to have a full-body workout at home but are getting a little confused on which machine to shop for? Say no more, we’ve got the machine that’s just right for you. Purchase the best home rowing machine and start rocking your body. Rowing machines or ergometers, ergs for short imitates the rowing actions you employ in manoeuvring a boat. By mirroring these motions, the rowing machine uses up to 86% of our muscles that generate enough resistance to enhance our endurance, cardio, and tone our muscles. Home Fitness Equipment has the best home gym rowing machines for sale at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase a rowing machine for home use?

Space saver

Home gym rowing machines don’t occupy much room. A 3 x 1m space is all it needs at your home to be set up and be safely used. Unlike other machines, that may not consume much set up space but area requirements to use it might be too wide for your home to accommodate it. You can also use the machine without having to plug it in the socket. The only difference is the monitoring systems which, if you think about it, is not really that big of a deal when you get to your regular doctor’s appointment and confirm that your body has improved remarkably.

Cost Saver

Purchasing a rowing machine will not give you a ton of savings. But hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, right. Having a machine that can offer you a full-body workout can sway you to not purchase a bench press, or a cable machine, or even the multi-station machine. If you’ve got a tight budget, you can start your fitness regimen by acquiring a rowing machine at home. And save that gas and gym membership dues to buy other fitness equipment to your liking.

It’s a total body workout

Rowing isn’t just for your arms though it is the main muscle that it targets. As studied by experts, rowing strokes comprise 65 to 75 percent leg workout and 35 percent upper body exercises. It targets your upper back, pecs, arms, abdominal muscles, obliques, quadriceps, calves, and glutes. If you have no idea what these muscles are, they are the major muscles of your legs, arms, back and core. So definitely, the rowing machine isn’t just working to bulk up your arms but your overall physique. Moreover, the full rowing movement is very demanding for your heart and lungs, that it also enhances your cardiovascular endurance.

It’s very versatile

The ergometer is very versatile in terms of its compatibility to any user fitness level. You can row the machine even if you have the “just started” badge as a fitness buff. Like all other machines, rowing machines were designed to guide the user to perform the exercise with the right posture and proper technique. You’ll never have to worry about not getting it right. Advanced trainers can get the benefit of incorporating the rowing machine in their regular workout sessions at the comfort of their homes. And you might be surprised but the rowing machine has been proven to aid people with low vision or even those who are blind on their workouts. It has been concluded that since the machine has simple and guided mechanisms, our visually impaired comrades can get their chance of getting fit using the rowing machine.

It’s low-impact

Don’t be discouraged of the low-impact effects of rowing. What this only means is it doesn’t add too much stress to your joints which can be easily damaged when doing weight exercises such as dumbbells and smith machines. The rowing machine can aid people suffering from the early stages of osteoarthritis, a disease that wears down the cartilage between our bones cause them to rub against each other. A 2014 study concluded that after 8 weeks of using the rowing machine, the 24 participants have improved their joint torques or rotations in their elbow, lumbar, shoulder and knee by 30 percent.

It can be meditative

While the most calming experience can be achieved on the water while rowing, the ergometer can still give you that meditative experience indoors. The smooth, gliding motion created on the ergometer and the repetitive movements allow your mind to autopilot. Rowing releases endorphins, your natural feel-good hormones that relax and relieves the stresses from your body and mind.

What Type of Rowing Machine should I buy, Air or Magnetic?

Most people, even those that regularly use a rowing machine at their local gyms don’t know that there exist an air and magnetic rowing machine. Is there a difference? Yes, the differences have a lot to do with monitor accuracy, resistance operation, machine weights, etc. Let me make you aware of their differences to guide you in choosing your ideal rower.

Air Rowers

Air rowing machines are the exact mimic of rowing on a boat motion as it uses the air to create resistance or drag which your muscles are subjected to. Due to this mechanism, air rowers have an inverse effect on your rowing speed. The faster you row in an air rower, the harder it is to manoeuvre. This is because faster speed in rowing lets more air into its system which increases the air volume that its flywheel needs to move. This mechanism is favoured by Olympic athletes as they need to progressively increase their workout’s resistance to acquire more endurance. By just employing standard rowing speeds, they can regulate their workout routines. Air rower monitors are very accurate and can display your progress, speed, time, and recovery with consistency. Since air rowers are run by the action of air, it does not need electricity to power up. The downside of air rowing machines is that they can be a little noisy. So you can’t place it in the adjoining room next to your bedroom or other people’s sleeping quarters.

Magnetic Rowers

Unlike air rowers, magnetic rowing machines use a magnet in regulating the resistance level of your rowing. The closer the magnet is from the metal flywheel, the harder it gets to row it. The magnetic resistance creates “eddy currents”, currents or resistance given off by two magnets that have the same poles. This mechanism of the magnetic rowing machines offers more control to the rowing resistance of the user. In a magnetic rowing machine, you can set the resistance to exact your preferences. Because of this, you may have to plan and set your rowing resistance so you could still progressively enhance your workout with the machine. Monitors of magnetic rowers are also very accurate but can range from basic monitor display to the complex ones. It can record a ton of data and have pre-set games and workouts. Because of these added features, a magnetic rowing machine needs to be plugged in to operate for your service. It is also a virtually silent fitness equipment so you will not disturb anyone if you have company at home.

What are the key features that I need to look out for in a rowing machine?

  • Manual or electric operated – Most rowing machines can be manually operated and their monitors only run on batteries but do a double-check. If the machine you want needs to be plugged in, you’ll need to do your workout near a socket.
  • Display monitors – All rowing machine monitors can display basic information like time, distance, calories, strokes, RPM. You will need to spend a little more if you want customized or more information displayed in your rowing machine’s monitor.
  • Workout tracker – Smart rowing machines will connect you to a phone app to record and track your workouts.
  • Interactive coaching – An added feature in higher-end machines is it can assist you with your rowing technique.
  • Foldable – This is great if you don’t have enough space at your home to permanently install a rowing machine or you want to place it in your room. But rowing machines with this feature can be very pricey.
  • Weight Capacity – Cheaper machines will have lower weight capacities but most mid to higher-end rowing machines do.
  • Seat and seat rail – You need to check that the seat is large enough for your buttocks and have a little wiggle room when you extend and contract your legs. Also, make sure that the seat rail is sufficiently long for you to complete a full stroke.
  • Wheels – This can be convenient if you intend to constantly move your machines someplace else.
  • Pedals – Pedals can be either fixed or have the ability to swivel to ease some pressure off your ankles.
  • Handles – The handle on your rowing machine should be thick enough to prevent your hands from bruising and if you can find one, a foam on that is spongy enough to yield to your hands’ pressure and bounce back to its original form can be handy too.