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Complete Your Training Routine with The Shoulder Press Machine!

A training routine is always better when you complement it with other techniques. For instance, free weight exercises are excellent in enhancing your shoulder muscles. However, adding a shoulder press machine with it can simulate the slow and forward movements better. Aside from that, a shoulder press machine works well as a core exercise in building broad shoulders while having less impact on your back area.

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If you think you’re okay working your shoulder muscles without a shoulder press machine, think again. Including this exercise to your fitness routine can help significantly in stepping up your game.

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Shoulder Press Machine



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shoulder Press Machine?
Often known as the smith machine, a shoulder press machine is a fundamental workout machine used to enhance the shoulder muscles. By doing a pressing movement, it targets and directs the muscles to exert force and fully contract it. A shoulder press machine does not require any balance or stabilisation. Because of its fixed movement pattern, one can focus on isolating specific muscle groups without providing too much stress at your back.

What are the Benefits of Using a Shoulder Press Machine?

A shoulder press machine offers many benefits that are not obtainable from using other machines or free weights. Strengthening the shoulders, building your upper chest, and generally attaining your much-desired body figure is not that hard to achieve when using a shoulder press machine. Here are some of the right reasons why a smith machine would be beneficial for your use.

  • Shoulder press machines increase the stability of the joints on your shoulders. When using a shoulder press machine, you are training the muscles located at the front and middle of your shoulders. These muscles play a vital role in lifting your arms above shoulder level. In a much simpler sense, exercises using a shoulder press machine promotes a good energy transmission all over the body while the stability of your joints is also enhanced. This effect is a promising technique and is always essential regardless if you’re a beginner or not. 
  • There is no need to worry about complicated and strenuous exercises. You can have fun and enjoy using a shoulder press machine. You can perform activities even when you’re seated, which offers a lot of room for comfort. The shoulder press machine integrates the right amount of fun into your routine while consistently upgrading your resistance. 
  • You are using just the right amount of weight to work. Shoulder press machines can balance loads along a fixed path of motion so that all you have to do is perform a push and pull motion to move these weights. If you do this regularly, you can safely build up your relative mass and strengthen your upper chest area. Ultimately, it is the best weight exercise if your goal is to boost the development of your shoulders and upper body muscle groups. A shoulder press machine is a functional machine; it fits best, especially to those who desire to lift heavy weights and get that sculpted shoulders in no time.
  • A shoulder press machine is safe to use. Who wants to operate a device that puts themselves at risk? Of course, no one would want that! With its inbuilt safety feature, a shoulder press machine can help you focus more on achieving your goal instead of worrying about the exercise tools that may fall off. The shoulder press machine is recognised to ensure that there will be no room for any malfunctions and technicalities to happen while using it. Aside from that, it also has padded seats that will help you remain in a comfortable setting.
  • You can experience an increase in the intensity of your workouts without feeling any muscle stress. Constant tension is assured when performing exercises using a shoulder press machine. This training technique shows that actions remain in the continuous plane of movement, which provides a better result.

What Muscle Groups are Enhanced by Using a Shoulder Press Machine?
As its name goes, the shoulder press machine enhances your shoulder muscles. Specifically, this machine primarily focuses on your deltoids. However, it also tones and shapes your triceps. Better than any free weight techniques, using this equipment can help you reach a more isolated exercise. It involves a single-joint movement that engages the muscle groups located at your shoulders. There is no need to exert much effort to use your stabiliser muscles because the machine has pads that will support you all throughout your routine.

What are the Different Variations of a Shoulder Press Machine?

Attempting to perform shoulder press exercises might seem a little intimidating at first. However, you’ll realise that this type of equipment is ideal when you get to familiarise its structures. The top-rated types of shoulder press machines include the following:

  • Barbell Shoulder Press Machines

Sometimes referred to as the military press machine, a barbell shoulder press is simple but very efficient if you prefer to construct all the shoulder routines. It may come in an adjustable seat, where you can either perform your exercise while sitting or standing up. Although, experts recommend a sitting position to have more excellent stability, especially if you are a beginner.

Using a barbell shoulder press machine, you can apply a more complex form called the seated behind the neck shoulder press. This technique is similar to a regular barbell shoulder press, except instead of lowering the bar to your front, you place the bar behind your head.

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press Machines

This variety of machines is almost similar to a barbell press, except for the weights that are being used. The dumbbells allow an individual user to move freely, which increases the activation of your shoulder muscles. It also offers less impact on shoulder joints, which makes it also useful for people with shoulder injuries.

When using a dumbbell shoulder press machine, you can try a variety of grips while performing the exercises. Changing grip positions in every repetition can help to enhance more muscles. The method is known as the variable-grip dumbbell shoulder press. Three different grip positions are possible: Palms facing forward, palms facing together, and palms facing backward.

  • Shoulder Press Smith Machines

This type of machine may seem identical to other shoulder press machine variations, but it has its advantages. A smith machine allows you to begin your exercise from above, choose your grip preference, and train on by yourself. Yes, you read that correctly! All you need to do is to twist the bar and lock it at any height.

Where Can I Find Shoulder Press Machines for Sale?
Suppose that you’ve seen almost all of the highest quality shoulder press machines available in the market, how would you know which one of them suits you best? Shoulder press machines come in different sizes, movements, grip styles, and body types. If you ever find it hard choosing which one to buy – this is where we step in. Home Fitness Equipment is here to help you in picking the best shoulder press machine suitable for your home gym. We have an extensive catalogue of products ideal for your weight exercise needs. We also have a helpful staff that will guide you when finding a shoulder press machine that fits your style. Take your exercises to a whole new level with a shoulder press machine from Home Fitness Equipment. Don’t forget to visit our website and send us a message to know more!

What Are the Factors That I Should Consider When Buying A Shoulder Press Machine?

While some of the machines seem pretty similar, it is crucial to make use of some critical preferences to consider and keep in mind before making a decision. There are three main factors we can focus on, namely; workout preference, build type, and budget.

  • Workout preference 

Ask yourself: Do you prefer a simple press machine workout? Or do you want additional features available?

  • Build Type

Ask yourself: Are you looking for a similar type of shoulder press machine that you may usually find at commercial or local gyms? Or do you want a more compact build, one that is suitable for a personal fitness space?

  • Budget

Ask yourself: How much are you willing to spend on a machine?