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Bring Fun to Your Workouts with The Incredible Skipping Rope

Does working out get you more stressed instead of being fun? Keeping yourself motivated during an exercise routine is essential to achieve successful results. Adding a skipping rope routine in between intense sessions can bring a little joy and creativity which can spice up your fitness regime. With little effort, a jump rope in every interval can surely pump up your heart rate and burn more calories, bringing the right amount of excitement while you maintain your level of fitness. It is known to be extremely useful when speaking about cardiorespiratory exercises. Skipping rope involves more muscles which bring up your oxygen demand. Increased demand for oxygen allows you to expend more energy and thus, burn calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Work Out Using A Skipping Rope?

There are lots of varieties you can do when using a skipping rope. Skipping rope can be performed in between sessions, at the end of your training, or as a stand-alone workout. Before you begin any fitness routine, it is best to start by doing a warm-up so that your body and muscles get ready for your activity. Prepare your muscles and connective tissues on your lower legs by doing multiplanar jumps. This warm-up is necessary to avoid injuries and strains caused by the immediate force you will bring during your routine. 

Here we have listed some jump rope ideas you may add to your fitness routine:

  • Single-leg jumps
  • Split-leg jumps
  • Running in place
  • Rope jumping ladder

For full details about the above-mentioned ideas, please do not hesitate to contact Home Fitness Equipment for more information. We are more than willing to guide as you perform these exercises.

After executing different workouts of your choice, consider doing a cool-down session. Since jump rope exercises increase heart rate, it is essential to cool down so that you can gradually recover your heart rate and blood pressure. Stopping immediately after a vigorous routine can result in dizziness, light-headedness, or worse, fainting. Every cool-down should range from two to five minutes.

Why Should I Buy a Skipping Rope?

You can consider switching up your existing routine and include a skipping rope. To convince you on trying our advice, we have listed several reasons to get you into doing so:

  • Using a jump rope can enhance the pliability and decrease the vulnerability of your lower leg muscles. Development in this feature means there is a reduced risk of lower-leg injuries. Regularly raising your calf muscles can also help in strengthening your lower leg. It is advisable to make sure that the muscle tissues won’t become too tight so you won’t experience unnecessary accidents.
  • Skipping ropes are known to improve your coordination. When jumping ropes, you move your eyes, feet, and hands along with the rest of your body to coordinate with one another, creating a steady rhythm. Since you perform the jumps in cycles, the coordination of your body parts is improved.
  • Jumping ropes also develop the improvement of your cognitive function. By learning new motor patterns, your body adjusts and communicates with the nervous system to coordinate between your brain and the other parts of your body to create a movement based on the rhythm. This gesture improves your cognitive function, which is beneficial as we age.
  • Jumping ropes condition your body to improve endurance and resistance when added to exercises performed in a circuit. It intensifies the overall workout by boosting the alternating muscle groups done during a strength-training routine by increasing the heart rate, which provides benefits to the cardiorespiratory area. You can opt to include steady skipping rope routines at the end of your exercise circuits for an increased opportunity of burning calories.
  • Jump ropes can fit anywhere. It is an excellent option when you travel because it is incredibly portable. You can never worry about skipping workout routines when you travel because a jump rope can easily fit into your suitcase. Another bonus is you can also use the jump rope almost anywhere you go.
  • Given that jump ropes are portable, it is also an excellent option if you prefer outdoor workouts. You can bring it to parks, exercise courses, or anywhere you want. Some city parks have installed exercise equipment. You can bring your jump rope and combine these exercises to get the best total body workout from your routine.
  • If you do not prefer to use any other equipment, you can use a jump rope on its own. You can still get the best improvements just by swinging the rope every day.


What Are the Things I Should Consider When Choosing the Right Skipping Rope?
If you have decided to buy a skipping rope, be sure to choose a high-quality product. Remember, you are making the skipping rope as a component of your workout routine. It is good to invest in a piece of equipment that will remain durable for a very long time. While it is true that you should not only rely on the price and brand of the skipping rope, spending a little more is fine just as long as you’re sure that the exercise cord has the best features and suits your needs. As an advice, we suggest looking for a skipping rope that uses ball bearings between the rope and the handle itself. It is a general rule that if you have plans to use the jump rope as a part of your intensive training, the bearings connecting the rope and the handle will make it last longer. Often, people choose a jump rope with the ends knotted in the handles because it is way cheaper. As we have said earlier, there is nothing wrong with finding an affordable solution, but you have to make sure you’re still getting your money’s worth.

What are the Different Variations of Skipping Ropes?

When choosing the right jump rope, it is best to know the different types available. There is a wide variety of jump ropes you can choose from, each having their benefits. Here are the most common types of jump ropes available. 

Basic skipping ropes

If you are gearing towards learning the fundamentals of skipping rope, this is the best pick for you. Aside from being cost-effective, it can serve its purpose efficiently. The cords of basic skipping ropes are slightly thicker than that of speed skipping ropes but are much less heavy than weighted skipping ropes. This type of jump rope is made with PVC plastic. The handles are built with either rubber or foam for an additional grip. 

Speed skipping ropes

Based on its name, speed skipping ropes are designed for fast skipping. It is made with thin vinyl cords which allows it to be lightweight. This type of jump rope is best used for indoor use and primarily for intense workouts. By its speed, it is excellent for those who look forward to improving footwork and building conditioning skills.

Weighted skipping ropes

Weighted skipping ropes are best used if you plan on strengthening your arms and shoulders. It is made with an extra weight which would require more energy exertion. The rope has an added resistance which would make your shoulder generate more force while controlling the rope. This type is most commonly preferred by most jumpers, but it is also suitable for beginners. Because of the weight of the cord, it is a bit slower than other ropes so newcomers can learn the proper form and rhythm while using it.

Beaded skipping rope

Otherwise known as segmented skipping ropes, the beaded ropes are primarily associated with rhythmic skipping competitions. The beads embedded in the jumping cord make noise whenever the string hits the ground. The beads slightly add a bit of weight, but not as much as the weighted jump rope. This type of skipping rope is suitable for indoors and outdoors due to its durability.

Where Can I Find Skipping Ropes for Sale?

Grab your skipping ropes at Home Fitness Equipment, and begin to work out at your home efficiently! We offer a wide array of skipping ropes in Australia; all you have to do is select which one suits your needs.

Getting fit should not be exhausting and stressful. Home Fitness Equipment has the best products that you’d be able to purchase, shipped, and delivered! Still don’t know which skipping rope to buy? Have a chat with us, and we’ll guide you in finding the skipping rope that may work well for you!

Bring variety to your workout routine with the skipping rope. Check out our website to learn more!