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 Slam Balls: The Ultimate Muscle Building Home Gym Equipment!

Enhance your overall physical prowess with the help of the most reliable slam balls in the country today, only available from Home Fitness Equipment online. Home Fitness Equipment offers the widest selection of essential muscle building tools and accessories. We are Australia’s premier provider of home gym equipment and more. Accelerate the development of your muscle mass with the best muscle building tool that only Home Fitness Equipment can provide and get the best out of your regular slamming exercise.

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Sometimes, exercising with free-weights and fly machines are not enough to satisfy your desire to build up your muscle mass. Don’t get me wrong; I know that they are all excellent choices in muscle building routines; however, the repetitive techniques may get a little boring sometimes. Especially when you’re working out at home alone, you tend to look for alternative ways to break the monotony and level up your regular training sessions. 

This is where slam balls come in handy. Slam balls provide a great way to add variety on your regular training not only with a simple slamming exercise but also with many different throwing techniques. This piece of home gym equipment is often used and recommended by fitness coaches in muscle building programs because of its efficiency in muscle mass development. 

Home Fitness Equipment is committed to providing the necessary home gym equipment for your muscle building program and more. We offer the best brands of slam balls available today, and other fitness accessories that you will need in building your home gym. We’ve been in the health and fitness business for a long time, and we know exactly what you need. So, if you’re seriously considering to jump onto the fitness bandwagon, then please allow us to support you in your journey until you achieve your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slam ball?

A slam ball is a piece of home gym equipment that is made of heavy-duty rubber shell that is designed not to bounce whenever used in a slamming exercise. Slam balls are often used in sports medicine to improve muscle building and muscle mass development. Slam balls come in different weight classes and sizes, but the typical diameter of a slam ball measures roughly around 13.7 inches, and weighs around 1-11 kilograms.  

There are several variations of slam balls which includes a medicine ball, and a wall ball. Among the variations, the slam ball is the heaviest and most durable. The internal bladder is typically filled with sand-like metal fillings. Because of the components, slam balls provide a considerable amount of challenge for the development of muscle mass, making it the perfect home gym equipment for muscle building. 

The most common type of technique that you can perform with slam balls is the slamming exercise. The slamming exercise is executed by lifting the slam ball overhead with both your arms and throwing them back to the ground with full force. Then you repeat the process ten-fifteen times or depending on your program’s requirement. They make an ideal substitute to free-weights. Also, slam balls are usually combined with other exercise methods.

What are the benefits of slamming exercises with slam balls?

Aside from being one of the most straightforward home gym equipment to use, there are many health benefits that you can gain from using slam balls. Not only does it help you develop an even muscle mass, but it also helps in your overall muscle building routine. All it takes is a simple slamming exercise.


Here are the top benefits that you can achieve from exercising with slam balls:


  • Maximises muscle building and muscle mass development. A slamming exercise can be performed with several variations by simply switching postures while performing the physical activity it requires. Therefore, your core muscles are stimulated to improve muscle mass development which, in turn, strengthens your core. We all know that in muscle building, a well-developed and robust body is vital.
  • Reinforces the cardiovascular system to its maximum capability. The natural movement from a slamming exercise forces all your major muscle groups to work simultaneously, which, in turn, enhances your cardio endurance. The longer you perform a slamming exercise, coupled with different angles, is comparable to a full-body workout. By repeating the process in extended periods, your heart health benefits vastly.
  • Enhances agility and coordination. With a reinforced core, you will be able to move quickly with precision and accuracy because you are in total control of your muscles. This benefit not only works for performing a slamming exercise better or improving your general muscle building technique. It is also ideal for your everyday life. Agility and coordination also improve your balance, reducing the risks of injuries and property damage.  
  • Increases your metabolism rate. As your body adjusts to the challenges of exercising with slam balls, your heart also provides an adequate amount of oxygen to the muscles they need. Research says that low repetition slams using heavy weights triggers your muscles to consume more oxygen within 24-48 hours after an intense training session. This occurrence is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC, which is the critical factor in boosting your metabolism.
  • Improves your overall athleticism. Perhaps the most significant changes that you will notice after training with slam balls regularly is your overall performance improvement and endurance. Your body is trained to react to different movements with full muscle control because of a simple slamming exercise. Whether you are fond of physical activities like sports, or just contended in home gym exercises, you will still have an improved athleticism.


How do I buy the right slam ball?

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide on how to choose the right slam ball for your fitness level.


For beginners, we recommend choosing slam balls that weigh 10 to 25 pounds, and for the intermediate level, choose a slam ball that weighs 25 to 40 pounds. This is to ensure that you wouldn’t be tempted to do so much while you’re still at a novice level. Muscle building should be gradual to prevent muscle imbalance or even injuries. Make sure that you select a slam ball that fits your current fitness level. The last thing you need is acquiring too much muscle strain that may cause adverse effects on your heart health. 


The materials that you should choose has to be above average at all times. Remember that by the name slam ball and slamming exercise, you will be throwing the balls in a repetitive motion with all your strength. The shell should be highly-durable to avoid puncturing. The materials used as a slam ball’s filling is sand-like metal, meaning, it can be hazardous to your health, especially to your eyes.

Balanced Filling

The filling should be too much or too little. It should be well-balanced at all times. Exercising with a poorly balanced slam ball may cause more harm than good. So, always choose a perfectly balanced slam ball. No worries, all our slam balls are manufactures by the most reliable brands, we guarantee that they all passed the quality check before they are marketed.

Why Should I trust Home Fitness Equipment?

Here are the top reasons why you should buy from Home Fitness Equipment:

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Whenever you’re ready, let Home Fitness Equipment assist you in your fitness journey. We promise to be with you until you achieve your ultimate fitness goal. Enjoy shopping!