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The Smith Machine for your Weight Training and Total Body Workout

The Smith Machine is the ultimate weight training equipment for weightlifters, novices, and advanced athletes alike. The machine is a great way to build strength and grow muscle mass safely as it has safety systems installed to prevent you from being toppled over by the weights you are carrying and maintain the exercise in perfect form. This is the type of fitness machine that you would need in your home gym as you can perform Smith machine exercises without a spotter or assistant standing by. Buy your Smith Machine now at Home Fitness Equipment and enjoy the extensive benefits that it can offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Why use a Smith Machine?
Smith Machines are recommended for beginners as the Machine makes the training somewhat less taxing than free weights, and it encourages you to perform the exercises with perfect stance and proper alignment. At the same time, advanced trainers can use the Smith Machine when they want to isolate or target specific upper body muscles and work less of their stabilisers. It has conveniences offered to whatever level of weight training you are in right now.

Does the Smith Machine make Lifting Easier?
Yes, Smith Machines do make life easier for lifters as it lessens the burden put on to your support muscles that are engaged when you carry free weights. Your stabilisers are there to help keep your body stable and support your primary muscles. By lessening the work done by your balancing muscles, most of your energy and your body’s oxygen demand is concentrated to your triceps, biceps, pecs, and abdomen which in turn helps you to make lifting easier. This also has implications for the muscle strength and growth of your muscle mass. As your main muscles are more emphasised in the Smith Machine exercises, they are developed more rapidly.

Is it Safe to Use the Smith Machine?
In reality, weightlifting can be very dangerous when you are not conscious enough of your form and the way you handle your equipment. Luckily, Smith Machines have a failsafe that you can easily, and immediately use when you are overpowered by the weights. You can just rotate your wrist in an instant when you feel too exhausted and lock the bar back onto the Smith Machine. In addition to that, since you can latch the weights yourself, the need for a spotter is eliminated. It gives you full control of your workout.

Can you do Weight Squats in a Smith Machine?
You absolutely can. Since Smith Machines are designed to support some of your muscles, you can use the Smith Machine to gather enough strength so you can do squats with a barbell. For some who don’t really like squatting with a barbell, Smith Machine squats are a great alternative. It’s easier to do Smith Machine squats rather than squat with free weights plus you can practice squatting with Smith Machines in proper form. Practising with proper posture is essential to avoid unnecessary injuries when you elevate your training to a higher level at later stages.

Are there any Variants of Smith Machines that I can Choose from?

Smith Machines are very popular in fitness studios and commercial gyms that manufacturers invented versions of it to create conveniences for the machine’s patrons. It would help to get acquainted with the types of Smith Machines available in the market to better gauge what kind you would need for your home gym.

Angled Smith Machine

These Smith Machines have angled frames from 5 to 7 degrees that are designed to accommodate your posture and form better. You can have a more normal range of motion by modifying the structure of the machine and allow you to learn and target your glutes more.

Commercial Smith Machine

Also called the gym Smith Machine as it is the type of Smith Machine favoured by fitness studios and commercial gyms for its sturdiness compared to other types. It has more weight capacity and is sometimes bolted to the floor to have better stability.

All-in-one Smith Machine

These Smith Machines have attachments that allow you to do more exercises other than your weight training routines. This multifunctional Smith Machine is perfect for home gyms where there is limited space and users need to have a machine for a whole lot of other workout exercises. All-in-one Smith Machines can have attachments such as cross cables, a bench, and a lat bar.

3D Smith Machines

This is the Smith Machine that not only offers up and down directions of lifting weights but also allows you to do lateral movements, forward and back motions. With this option, more exercises are opened for you to enjoy than most machines can offer.

What can a Smith Machine help me with?

Aside from building your strength and growing your muscle mass, a Smith Machine can give you so much more. Let Home Fitness Equipment tell you what these additional benefits are.

Total Body Workout

Who knew that the Smith Machine can actually give you the full-body workout you want, making it an all-in-one power machine. This is because the Smith Machine can have several attachments that can open doors to a multitude of other exercises. The Smith Machine can have an adjustable bench, a lat-pulldown, a back row, and a cable crossover. All these attachments are what you need to have a full-body workout routine. This will save you a ton of money, space, and time in purchasing individual equipment one by one. So what are you waiting for, buy one now at Home Fitness Equipment!

Rest and recovery timing

When you are exercising your muscles, the stress that they are subjected to create micro-tears that need to be mended. Your body has an ingenious way of patching up these muscles by adding another layer of muscle tissue onto the worn-out one. This enables you to pack more muscles and develop strength. The beauty of a Smith Machine is that you can take your rest anytime you need it. It has two hooks that are permanently attached to the barbell and are used to lock the barbell on the guide rods fixed to the Smith Machine. When you want to take a rest, you just sit these hooks on the guide rods, and you can be relieved of the weights in an instant. You can happily catch your breath again, drink some water, and be ready to do another set of reps.

Energy conservation

Since the Smith Machine steadies and supports the weights for you, there’s no need to put your stabilisers to work and waste precious energy. This enables you to reserve that energy to more productive muscle strengthening and growth gains. You can carry much more weight than you usually can with free weights. Heavier weights mean more resistance and muscle gains.

Valuable strength techniques

The Smith Machine enables you to learn and practice a myriad of training techniques that are atypically available to other gym equipment. These include angle-specific isometric, partial repetitions, and revere movements. The angle-specific isometric is a method that allows you to press and pull against a static load at as many angles as your equipment will permit. Employing partial repetitions is when you work through a short range of motion without breaking your momentum. Lastly, reverse movements can be done by starting the exercise from the end of the standard rep and working your way through your usual starting point. All these techniques are not that readily available when you don’t have the aid of the Smith Machine.

Ballistic training

Ballistic training is what gives you explosive power in a short amount of time. That means quick reflexes with a punch. You can employ ballistic exercises in a Smith Machine as the guide rods and hooks are making it possible for you without the worry of being hurt. In contrast, ballistic moves in free weights are too dangerous since you can be easily overpowered by the weights’ force and cannot correctly balance yourself.