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Stationary bikes have always been a good option for people who want to have an active cardio workout. Having a stationary bike for home use is the best way to ensure that your workouts are safe, effective, and consistent. Here at Best Home Gym Equipment, we want to offer the best fitness machines, gadgets, and accessories to our customers. This is why we have listed down the important factors that you should look for in an at home stationary bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need A Home Gym Stationary Bike?

Convenience. Isn’t it amazing that you can perform your morning routines and workout exercises even without leaving the house? If you have a space or area in your house dedicated to working out, there will be no excuse for you to skip getting fit, active, and healthy.

Consistency. When it comes to procrastination and laziness, one will always find a way to make up excuses for skipping going to the gym. Bad weather, heavy traffic, difficult commute, unsafe environment, and many more. When you have your stationary bike and other gym machines and devices at home, you can get rid of all the excuses that you can think of and continue following a regular and consistent workout routine.

Safety. Not everyone has an accessible gym or fitness centre located around their neighbourhood or suburb. Some even have to travel far just to do their work out sessions, and they may be risking their safety and convenience at the same time. Moreover, there are health concerns and safety issues that may prevent you from leaving the house, like pandemics, virus spread, and the likes. If you have your own home gym, complete with pieces of cardio equipment like an at home stationary bike, then maintaining your health and fitness would not need to sacrifice your personal safety.

Benefits of using an at-home stationary bike

Why would you choose a stationary bike as your cardio workout equipment? What benefits can you get from this machine? Here are just some of the advantages an exercise bike use gives you.

Promotes a healthy heart and lungs.It is not called a cardio workout for nothing! Exerting efforts and enduring the pressure of cycling makes your heart beat faster and your breathing intensify. This physiologic combination brings about better blood circulation that benefits the whole body since every vital organ in the body gets its share of oxygen-rich blood. This, in return, makes them perform their functions well. When we say the whole body will benefit from this cardio workout, this means that the brain functions well, you can say goodbye to mood swings, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. You also can expect that your immune system improves, your flexibility and range of motion perk up, and you will feel and look at yourself better than ever.

Facilitates weight loss. . Staying active definitely burns calories that can be converted to energy, making you fit and lean. Depending on the extent and resistance that you practice while biking, you can burn calories ranging from 300 to 700 per hour. Do it regularly, and you will just notice that you feel lighter and healthier in no time.

Promotes a low-impact exercise. Because you are staying inside the house and the environment where your cycle is controlled and predictable, cycling is safer and provides less pressure to the bones, joints, and muscles. Compare this to the effort you will exert while performing outdoor cycling, and you will surely notice the difference.

Practices HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training is done by avid gym-goers who want to benefit from the optimal effects of working out while spending less time in the gym. HITT program in using stationary bikes includes alternating intervals of low and high-speed intensities in a span of an hour. It may sound complicated and challenging at first, but the benefits you will reap from it will all be worth the hard work.

Safety first. As mentioned earlier, doing your outdoor cycling may be exciting and enjoyable, but it can also open you up to injuries and accidents related to your environment and performance. Staying indoors and manipulating the area where you do your workouts lessen the incidence of any mishaps, allowing you to consistently and conveniently work out in the comfort of your home.

What Should You Look For In The Best Stationary Bike?

To help you decide on what type and model you should get for your home gym, we have listed down several key points that you should look for in the best stationary bike Australia can offer.

The Right Type Of Stationary Bike

There are three main kinds of stationary bikes – the upright, recumbent, indoor spin bikes.

Upright bikes are intended for regular gym-goers to feel the intensity and drag of riding the bike outdoors. You can pedal while sitting down or standing up, much like how you climb slopes and steep uphill paths.

Recumbent bikes are the most comfortable stationary bike that is intended to give you a well-distributed effort for your arms and legs. Recumbent bikes have back and armrests, ideal for riders with a history of back or spine problems brought about by a previous injury or accident.

Lastly, indoor cycling or spin bikes are the closest replicas of an outdoor bike. Used by athletes and other avid bike riders, this stationary bike is used to simulate high-intensity outdoor cycling. It does not have too many features, just like your regular bike, but with its performance and relative design, you can definitely experience an all-out cardio workout with this type.

The Right Amount Of Resistance

For your cycling exercise to be as realistic and effective as possible, the amount of resistance should be adjus5table to meet your required effort in each level of exercise. Staying in one level of resistance for the whole duration of your session would make you plateau and feel stunted.

The Performance Of The Stationary Bike

For your cycling exercise to be as realistic and effective as possible, the amount of resistance should be adjus5table to meet your required effort in each level of exercise. Staying in one level of resistance for the whole duration of your session would make you plateau and feel stunted.

How heavy can your stationary bike carry? The stability of the exercise bike is definitely important especially is you are to rely on this machine to be your cardio equipment.

Does it make a noise? Squeaking and screeching sounds from using the stationary bike may not bother some people especially if your home gym is in your garage. However, if your fitness space is part of your living room, then a silent exercise machine should fit your needs perfectly. Do not choose a stationary bike that uses air resistance, because the harder you pedal, the noisier it gets.

What are the additional features of your exercise bike? Fans, built-in sound systems, heart rate monitors, internet connectivity, and many more. While some of these are necessary for making your cycling worthwhile and inspiring, choose the brand or model of stationary bike that may not have the most add-on features, but they still perform the needed requirements for an effective cardio exercise.

Want to get the best stationary bike Australia can offer? Trust that Best home Gym Equipment can hook you up with just the right model and brand that can address your every need and preference. Just visit or contact our online store and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right indoor bike for you!