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Level Up your Weight and Strength Training with the Torsonator™!

There are so many different kinds and levels of body workout that you can do in the comfort of your home. All you need is the right machines and gym accessories, and you are good to go. While some have massive areas around their house to serve as their home gym or workout space, many of us really only have the garage or a tiny space in our living room or home office. The most suitable thing to do now is to get home gym equipment that addresses your exercise needs without eating up an entire room. If you are for core strength and weight exercise, then we have good news for you. Home Fitness Equipment has the Torsonator™, a gym device that lets you do landmine exercises and rotational movements without needing any bulky machine! Let us show you what the Torsonator™ can do and why it should be part of your home gym essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Torsonator™?

The Torsonator™ is a piece of gym equipment that is attached to the floor to serve as a stabiliser for your lever-type exercise routine. It may be drilled secure to the floor or use a weight plate to lock it in place. This small piece of equipment gets attached to your Olympic-sized barbell or any straight bar, and that is all you need to start your landmine exercises or rotational movements for your core strength and weight exercises.

Why is a Torsonator™ preferred by many?

Whether you are a professional athlete, bodybuilder, or just a regular gym buff, you must have heard about the noteworthy effects of using a Torsonator™ for your strengthening and conditioning activities. Landmine exercises are a form of weight training routines that use rotational movements to work out either the upper or the lower body parts, or even both. Depending on your exercise type, you can develop your core strength, perform resistance and strength and muscle-building routines, enhance your body’s rotational movements and flexibility, and improve your muscle definition and tone when you use the Torsonator™.

What are the benefits of having the Torsonator™ at home?

Goodbye, love handles. With all the numerous weight exercise routines that you can do with the Torsonator™, all the excess stubborn fats in the body, particularly the arms, core, and legs have no choice but to go away. All the core strength and weight exercise routines that you can do using this simple yet multi-functional device can get rid of your extra pounds, but only if you do it religiously and correctly.

Full-body workout. One of the many misconceptions of using the Torsonator™ is that the exercises are all directed towards the upper body. What’s true is that the rotational movements, strength, and resistance training activities that you can do with the Torsonator™ can impact the whole body. From the lifts, squats, lunges, presses, pushes, rows, and twists that you can do with this home gym equipment, you can target muscle strengthening and conditioning of the whole body–from your hands, arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, and down to your legs and thighs! 

Space-saving gym equipment. The Torsonator™ as a landmine exercise equipment may be overlooked for its size and look. However, once you partnered this with your Olympic barbell or straight bar, the exercises and routines you can do with this small-but-terrible device are astounding. It requires minimal space, as long as you can pivot and do the rotational movements without bumping into the wall or other home gym equipment, you are good to go!

What exercises can I perform with the Torsonator™?

  • Double-handed landmine shoulder presses
  • Landmine front squat (lumberjack squat)
  • Meadow’s row (single-arm landmine row)
  • Kneeling landmine press with one arm
  • Landmine lunge and press
  • Single-arm landmine clean and press
  • Deadlift landmines
  • Landmine sumo squat
  • Single-arm landmine floor press
  • Single-arm landmine supine press
  • Danish floor press
  • Single leg landmine Romanian deadlift
  • Half-kneeling landmine trunk twist

If you want to know more about how you can do these exercises while using your Torsonator™ at home, contact us so our partner gym consultants can guide you about the correct positioning and execution of the mentioned weight exercises.

What are the different Torsonator™ variations I can choose from?

If you have decided to liven up your weight training and experience effective core rotational movement exercises with a single gym device, then get the Torsonator™! Choose between the three types to see which model is best suitable for your home gym.

Torsonator™ Single. The standard model; all you have to do is secure it on the floor so you can start using it.

Torsonator™ Unearthed. This model requires a weight plate as an attachment for safety and stability purposes. It is ideal for gym-goers who travel and are on-the-go or tight-spaced home gyms that need to move fitness machines around to make room. 

Torsonator™ Sleeve. This type can be used with a power rack or cage if you want to add variety to your core strength and weight exercises. But if you put it on the floor, it also functions the same way as its traditional counterparts.

Let Home Fitness Equipment show you the difference the Torsonator™ can do for your overall home gym workout. Contact us today so we can address any of your concerns and questions so we can assist you better.