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Add A Tricep Pushdown Bar To Your Home Gym

Tricep pushdown bars are the ultimate exercise equipment for bulking up those upper back shoulder to arm muscles. The tricep area is a large muscle group at the back of your upper arms. The tricep pushdown exercise strengthens our upper back limbs by pushing the bars downward against the cable weights’ resistance. Tricep pushdown bars are cable attachments used in gym equipment that has cable systems included in their assembly, like the multi-station machine or the cable machine. The exercise is very efficient in strengthening and growing the triceps that it’s considered as a must-have by most lifters. If you want to have a tight upper body in no time, then don’t waste time and purchase your tricep pushdown bar attachment at Home Fitness Equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Tricep Pushdown Bar Exercises develop my muscles?
 The exercises done on tricep pushdown bars isolate the different parts of our triceps muscles, which makes it more effective in the muscle growth of our upper limbs. The long and medial heads of the triceps operate together whenever the arm is extended into a pushdown. The resistance of the weights at the other end of the cable gives tension to these muscles. Your arms then contract to move to the initial position, transferring this pressure to your triceps’ lateral component. By repeating this action, your triceps’ three parts wear off and break into micro-tears that are then naturally repaired by your body, resulting in a new layer of muscle tissue that translates to a strong and massive tricep.

What are the Types of Tricep Pushdown Bars I can use with my Cable Machine?
 There are only two types of tricep pushdown bar cable attachments, the straight and the V-shaped bars. As you might guess, these bars only have one difference; their appearance and build. A straight bar is just how it is named; a straight long stainless steel bar with plastic end caps and a ringer or an eye where the cable is latched. As for the V-bar, it is shaped like an inverted letter V. There is one variation of the bar, much like a hybrid of the straight and V-shaped bars. This one has a linear middle part and ends that are symmetrically angled. Despite the differences in form, both straight and V bars are equally efficient in executing the tricep pushdown bar exercise.

What’s the Difference between a Tricep Push down on a bar and a rope?
 Tricep pushdown exercises are very versatile activities that can be done using a bar or a rope attachment. The strokes and movements may be the same, but the effects are significantly different. The tricep pushdown bar forces you to concentrate more on locking your wrists throughout the exercise. This requires you to restrict your wrists from any movement during the routine. On the other hand, tricep pushdowns on a rope call for you to exert additional pressure on your hands. This arm activity needs you to have a firmer grip on the rope handles, and doing this may irritate your skin or create calluses on your palms.

What do I Gain when I use a Tricep Pushdown Bar for my Cable Exercises?

Tricep pushdown bars are primarily used to develop your upper arm muscles or what you call your triceps, but it has much more to offer you than just that. Let Home Fitness Equipment tell you what these are.

Increased body mass

A weightlifting exercise will never be deemed sufficient if it does not promote the growth of your muscles. Exposing the triceps to stress and creating micro-tears within the muscle tissues of your medial, lateral and long heads will instinctively alert your body to patch up these tears by producing a new layer of muscle tissue, which results in your bulk physique. This increase in body mass isn’t just for aesthetic use; in fact, more muscle mass also signifies an increase in muscle strength. This enables you to lift heavier weights. That is the beauty of strength training using the tricep pushdown bars.

Increased bone density

Strength is not just a reflection of your massive muscles but also of the density of your bones. As your muscle mass increases in volume and weight, so does the thickness of your bones. How does this happen? Your bones react to the amount of weight your muscles exert on them. As new layers of muscle tissues are added due to the natural repair and patching of your tissues, new bone layers are automatically created to cope with your growing muscle tissues. 

Strength Gains

Strengthening your triceps has positive side effects other than having big muscles. Healthy triceps help stabilise your shoulder joint as they are the extensors of your elbow and shoulder. Having stable shoulder joints means that you can catch, push, pull, lift, and rotate your shoulders freely without any restrictions in any direction. Moreover,  this makes you more flexible in terms of the range of motions your shoulder will permit. Strong triceps also enable you to lift heavier objects and build more strength to other muscles in your arms. A tricep pushdown bar is the perfect gym equipment for athletes as their strength in throwing or lifting heavy objects stems from how powerful their triceps are.


Triceps pushdown bar exercises are isolation exercises. This means that most of the resistance is focused on your triceps that may help if you have strength or muscle size imbalance. You don’t need to worry about getting parts of your body disproportionate compared to others since the exercise only targets the specific muscles you intend to develop. You have more control in sculpting your body. This is why tricep pushdown exercises are very efficient in toning one’s body.


Some tricep exercises need complicated, expensive gym equipment to develop your back muscles. By using a bar hooked on the cable system, you can have your tricep pushdown bars ready to take your arm muscles to the next level. There is definitely no need for complicated setups or additional gym equipment.

What not to do when Using the Tricep Pushdown Bar Exercise for my limbs?

Any exercise is beneficial for your body, but it can lead to minor and even severe injuries when done the wrong way or excessively.  To better understand how to remain in perfect form when doing exercises using a tricep pushdown bar, please abide by the following guidelines.

Don’t excessively move your elbows.

Many people sway their elbows back and forth when doing exercises on tricep pushdown bars, but that’s not correct. While it’s true that this momentum will enable you to lift more weight, it’s not your triceps that are on the works but your lats. If you want to develop your triceps, then keep your elbows tucked into your body, and you will feel the powerful contractions of your triceps.

Don’t move your elbows to the sides.

Another mistake done by some is flaring out their elbows to the sides. This allows the chest and shoulder muscles to take over, and obviously, that is wrong. You are doing the tricep pushdown bar exercises in the wrong stance, and thus your triceps are not taking control.

Don’t curl your wrists.

Some also curl their wrists when they are at the bottom position, which removes the tension from your triceps and puts unnecessary stresses to your wrists. Keep your wrist neutral when doing the tricep pushdown bar exercises. The nerves on your wrist might get damaged if too much tension is exerted to it.

Keep in mind all these guidelines to better execute these exercises, and you’ll succeed in developing your triceps. Or you can contact us so we can hook you up with our expert fitness trainers for the proper ways of doing the tricep pushdown exercises.