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Tricep Rope for your Overall Upper Body Workout

Cable machines have multiple attachments, but the best thus far is a tricep rope. Do not be fooled by its name; it might be coined as a tricep rope, but the range of exercises you can do with it is not just limited to your upper back limbs. You can do tricep pushdowns, rope hammer curls, face pulls, cable pull throughs, seated rows, cable crunches, overhead tricep extensions, straight arm pulldowns, cable front raises, and many more. It is a very versatile piece of cable attachment that it’s regarded as essential gym equipment by home gym enthusiasts who have weightlifting machines with cable systems installed. If you have not purchased one yet for your cable machine, hurry and get your tricep rope now at Home Fitness Equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tricep rope?
A tricep rope is a cable attachment for weightlifting machines that are equipped with cable systems. It is a small rope made of steel, plastic, or rubber and is available in varying diameters to give any user a firm grip of the cable attachment. It is inserted into an eye that serves as an attachment to the cables. Both of its ends have plastic caps to prevent your hands from slipping down the rope when you do exercises using it. Depending on the usage, both ends of the tricep rope are grasped or used single-handedly to start your routine. Workouts done on a tricep rope are varied with an emphasis on your upper body.

What is a Rope Tricep Extension?
 Among all the workout routines you can do with tricep ropes, the rope tricep extension is the most popular of them all. A variation of the cable tricep extension, this exercise benefits not only your triceps but also your core, back, and shoulders which enhances your overall upper body strength and endurance. Tricep extensions use the three heads of your upper arm: the long, lateral, and medial heads. By isolating these three components, the strength of your upper arm and body is developed. For details on how to perform this exercise, feel free to reach our fitness expert or trainers to better guide you in doing the exercise.

What’s the difference between a tricep rope, battle ropes, and rope trainers?
 Tricep ropes are sometimes confused with battle ropes, but they are not the same and have different uses. Battle ropes are much longer than tricep ropes and are attached to a wall closer to the ground. They are mainly used for cardio, and full-body strengthening. On the other hand, your tricep ropes need a cable system to be attached to. As for rope trainers, these are standalone machines. Rope trainers are great in strengthening your arms for rope climbing, while tricep ropes are for your overall upper body strength. So when you get to a fitness store to shop for a tricep rope, make sure that you know what you are looking for or you’ll give some of the fitness store staff a headache.

How should I properly position myself when doing tricep rope exercises?

Also called cable ropes, or simply rope attachment, tricep ropes offer a variety of exercises and are very simple to use. But don’t be blindsided by its simplicity; this badass cable attachment can get you an appointment with your chiropractor when you misuse it. So keep in mind these simple guidelines when using the cable rope.

  • Have a firm, even grip on the tricep ropes of both hands.
  • Keep your left and right hand on the same levels on the tricep rope.
  • Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor.
  • Slightly bend your knees to make your hips neutral. It’s never good to have locked knees. Doing this when you stand or sit doesn’t exert tension on your legs or the target body part.


What do I get when I use the tricep rope as an attachment for my weightlifting machine?

Although named the tricep rope, this cable attachment can be considered as a piece of gym equipment in its own right, and not just an accessory, because of the many workout routines you can use it with. This is what you need in your home gym equipment, a fitness product with lots of benefits. We’ve made a list of some of the significant gains you can have using the tricep rope as cable attachment.

Overall Upper Body Strength

Cable ropes or tricep ropes offer a myriad of exercises for your upper body that can shape up and improve all of its features. Tricep rope exercises target your arms, shoulders, back, and abs the most. Some of the workouts you can do with it focus on improving several muscle groups. For instance, doing tricep pushdowns alone targets all three components of your triceps, plus it improves your lockout strength and shoulder muscle mass. When you do cable crunches using the tricep rope, you are aiming for your six-pack abs, shoulders, and lower back. And that’s just two of the several workout routines you can do with this exercise equipment.

Glutes and Hamstring muscles definition and tone

Some of the cable rope exercises like the cable pull-through promote the increase and growth of muscle fibres of your hamstrings and glutes. The exercise increases your muscles’ time under tension and its overall activation of the glutes and hamstrings. Strength and physical improvement of your buttocks and upper thigh area translate to a more robust core, as well as better endurance and stamina.

Functional training

For an exercise to be functional, it should be able to help you with your daily activities. Tricep rope pull exercises are great in developing the strength of your forearms, upper back muscles, and shoulders. They help keep your shoulders square and build you a thick upper back. Strong shoulders are essential to your everyday activities like lifting, pressing, pulling, and rotating your arms. These exercises also engage your abs and legs when appropriately performed. It helps when you lift heavy objects and walk uphill terrains.

Core Engagement

Most of the exercises you do using the tricep rope engage your core. The workout routines develop your lower back, hips, abdomen, and obliques, which are essential for better balance and stability. Your daily activities, as well as any sports activity you are involved in, will require you to have stable core muscles so that you would be able to do them correctly. Without a stable core, your body will quickly tumble when acted upon by an imbalance force. Your abs help you stabilise your own body weight.  Without it, you’re like one of the Three Stooges who always get injured.

Improved Mental Health

As with any exercises, tricep rope workout routines are great in releasing our natural “happy pill” hormone, our endorphins. Endorphins are secreted from all over our bodies and are activated when we feel stressed or in pain. If you’re just like me, you will raise your eyebrows in disagreement at what you just read. But actually, that’s true; the endorphins of our body are released when it senses pain and feels stressed. The secretion of endorphins also leads us to feel a sense of euphoria. Why does the body do that? It does that to reduce our perception of pain and stress, much like morphine, but they are not addictive. So don’t panic. This is why we feel relieved and refreshed after an hour or two of workout sessions.

These are just some of the arrays of benefits you could have when using the cable rope as an attachment to your exercise equipment. It might be a tiny piece of a fitness product, but it could give you so much more gains than you could possibly have compared to other gigantic gym equipment available.