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Buy a Weight Vest to Compliment your Resistance and Strength Training

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Performing exercise routines are already challenging in itself; using several home gym equipment and devices a few hours a day to help you carry out your target workout is beneficial. But if you want to take it one step further but you have not enough time to spare, adding wearable weights is a simple yet effective option. Try on a weight vest and see how you can work out without even going to your home gym. You can increase your strength and lose weight by adding weights to your body. Sounds complicated? Let Home Fitness Equipment show you the importance and function of weight vests to help convince you that using them could really complement your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Weighted Vests?

Have you been to the gym lately? You may have noticed that some people who run in treadmills or do their circuit training are wearing vests while performing their usual workout routines. For some, it may be a fashion preference, but that is just an icing to what weight vests are all about. In fitness, wearable weights, like weight vests, are complementary exercises accessories used to add resistance to your training activities. It is made of durable materials, typically canvas fabric, with small pockets located in the front and back so you can adjust the weight that you want to carry all day. You wear it over your head and usually have straps on the sides to secure the wearable weights in place, so even if you are performing rigorous activities, it will not distract you nor disrupt your workout. Have you seen soldiers or police officers wearing bulletproof vests? Well, weight vests look a bit similar, except for the fact that the latter is used for fitness purposes only.

What are the Benefits of Using Weight Vests?

It is easy to wear. Wearable weights can be placed on different parts of the body, like the ankles, hands, and legs. They can be in the form of a belt, leggings, or sleeves, and in the case of weighted vests, all you have to do is slip them on over your head like a typical sleeveless shirt, and strap them on to secure their fit. What can you get from using a weight vest? Home Fitness Equipment listed down several advantages that you can obtain when using weighted vests.

It helps you lose weight. When it comes to making your workout more intense, weight vests passively address that, and more. Wear a weight vest while working out, and you will feel the challenge of weight training while doing cardio. The added weight you are carrying intensifies your workout, so the calories you will burn to have the energy to perform your training activities will also increase. 

It builds muscle and bone strength. It is a no-brainer that when you increase the intensity of your exercise, you will build muscles faster and more effectively, right? That is exactly how HIIT works. But, did you know that when you work with ‘accessory weights’ while you move, your body adjusts to your new weight and compensates so you can get on with your life. So, what does that mean? This means that your bones actually respond to the body requirements and build bone mass as well to support your muscles! What you will get are stronger bones and muscles to complement your fitness goals!

It improves your core strength. Carrying heavy load while, say, climbing the stairs messes up your equilibrium and can make you lose your footing along the way. What your body does is to recalibrate your centre and balance your body to compensate for the new weight. That is also how weighted vests work. Your body balances using your abdominal muscles, contracting, and relaxing them with your every move. If you keep this up, you will end up sporting six-packs on top of your stronger and leaner physique.

It is versatile. Who says you need to work out to wear your weight vests? Home Fitness Equipment advises its valued customers to try and use their weight vests even while they are walking the dog, cleaning the house, or simply running errands. It is so easy to use and comfortable to wear that, in no time, you will stop noticing that you are already performing, rather wearing, a part of your workout without hitting the gym.

What should I Remember before Getting my very own Weight Vest?

Know when you are ready. It is comprehensible that using a weight vest on a daily basis has several considerable benefits to offer. However, it is also utterly vital to think about if you are ready. First, you have to make sure that you are already used to the workout routines that you are planning to do with your weight vest. If you are a newbie gym-goer, make sure that your body has already adjusted to the challenge of your chosen training before choosing to intensify it with wearable weights. There is nothing wrong with starting slow if your goal is to end your workout safe and effective.

Start light. If you add a weight vest that has too much load, or if you use it prematurely during your fitness journey, you are leading yourself more to the possibility of injuring yourself. Start smart; start light and easy then gradually increase the weights to increase the challenge and the intensity of your workout.

Consider what you plan to use the vest for. Some weight vests are particularly made for several specific exercises, like running and or circuit training. Some are even geared more towards weight training. Make sure that the vest supports the amount of weight you want to add. If using the vest for cardio, look for waterproof and sweat-wicking materials.

Consult your doctor or an expert. What makes your workout beneficial is if it is, first and foremost, safe for you. Make sure that you get the approval of your physician or physiotherapist to perform the exercises and the intensity level of your training activities. If you have a spine condition or cardiovascular problems, you should avoid adding more pressure to your body and seek the recommendation of your doctor first to be safe.

How Do I Choose the Right Weight Vest For Me?

Get the right weight. As we mentioned earlier, the best way to incorporate weight vests to your workout is to start slow. This means that it is safer to start your weight and strength training with low additional weight. You can easily adjust the weight of your vest depending on the pockets and weight pouches compatible with your vests, so increasing it as you go along will also be easy.

Know your size. Weight vests that are too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable and pose risks of injury. Friction between the skin and the vest can cause rashes and skin irritations, while loosely-fitted vests can affect your balance and can be attractive to mishaps. 

Identify your activities. There are different types of weight vests that are compatible with different workouts and training activities. Make sure that the fabric, material, fit, and durability of your vest corresponds to the movements you need to make as you perform your exercises.

What Exercises can I Perform with my Weight Vests?

Virtually all exercises can be performed with wearable weights, like a weight vest. But here are several workout routines that you can do in your home gym while wearing your weight vests.

  • Squats (Sumo squats, single legs, and Bulgarian split squats)
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Overhand pull-ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • High knees
  • Tricep dips
  • Planking

For more information regarding these workout activities, visit our Home Fitness equipment website or contact us so our partner gym consultants and staff can attend to your inquiries and concerns.